Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The smell of Fall is in the air now

Aside from the brush burning and our neighbours down the street burning their weeds off (WHAT!?!?!!) there's also that undeniable smell of wood stove smoke. We are half way thru September, so I guess its fitting if you don't use propane or electricity. But dang!!!!

This morning happened too quick!!! Sometimes I'd like to go to bed with the pause button hit so there's a few extra hours of sleep! At least the kids were good this morning! DJ was absolutely darling when he came in to snuggle me, he had the hiccups and asked me to pray for him so they'd go away! Awwww! We've been talking about how God wants to be in his heart...he says he's not ready yet....pretty impressive for 4!

The morning kinda flew by what with the playing, the working and the bathing...then it was lunch time!!! After lunch I had a chore list to accomplish! I got 4 out of 6 things done! Not too shabby! Would have been 5, but SamSam fell asleep in the truck and I didn't want to wake her to go into Freddy's. And I LOVE drive thru banking!!! SO convenient!! And they're starting to recognize me as the Avon lady! :D I give a book to whoever serves me every time!! Its working too! One gal said she was going to call me with her order! Bat phone's ready!!

We got home before Howie did, which I wasn't sure we would...and since it was so nice out, the kids stayed out and played!! DJ hadn't seen K in a while, so he was over joyed to play with him. Sam does her own thing when she's out there, but its adorable how DJ knows where she is and includes her. When Howie did get home he wasn't feeling well, so we left him on the couch and I took DJ for a bike ride. I can NOT get over how GOOD he's gotten!!! Not once did I have to push him off, or catch him....amazing!!! K went with us and had some 3 wheeled toy and they all raced...poor Samantha was on foot, but she kept up to those boys quite well!! I see a future in track for her! ;)

After dinner I grabbed a shower while the kids played with Howie (or not) and then we wrestled them into bed! Samantha was exhausted!!! No fight there...and DJ put up a smidgen of a fight...not much tho! Glee was my FAVOURITE rerun tonite and Howie graciously watched it with me while we recorded Wipeout. The Lady Gaga episode is by far my fave one in Glee!!! I could care less for Lady Gaga (OMG did you see her outfits on the VMA's!??!!?) but hearing them sung by Glee is just fantastic!!!!

And then I got another surprise! Parenthood had their first show of the season on!!!! YES!!!!! I wasn't expecting that! Such a good show too! I'm a big Lauren Graham fan tho from Gilmore Girls! Now, I have Jay Leno on in the background as Trace Adkins is performing....perfect tv nite!!! :)

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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