Sunday, September 19, 2010

And then there were four

This morning was NOT a fun one!!! Samantha woke just before 6...came into bed with me, just before 7, she fell out...and never really went back to sleep after that. DJ was up about 7:30...and it was discovered that no sippy cups were waiting for dare I forget!!

About 8:30 it was discovered that the water was shut off...UGH!!! I forgot about that notice I got in the mail last scrambling to find water, fun! Thankfully I had a bunch of ice in the freezer and melted some. Pretty smart eh? I thought so! But this messed up any plans I had of cleaning...laundry...bathing my stinky kids...showering! GAH!!!!! And I had somewhere to be this aft!

Then, about 10am the cable goes out...and comes back in...and goes took an hour to get a call back from comcast to say, yes, there were outages and they didn't know how long it would be til it was fully restored. So, the kids and I got busy tidying up and vacuuming. DJ LOVES to help vacuum...Samantha does NOT! She's like the cats and goes running for the furthest room away!

About 11 the water came back on and I put the water heater back on...Howie had the forethought to tell me to turn it off when I told him about the water being off. He was off fishing in the Everett fishing I'm a fishing widow this weekend. No luck today, so here's hoping tomorrow is full of BIG fish! Mama needs some spendin money!!!

As soon as the kids were done eating lunch we hopped in the car and headed to Maple Valley to sign up my 4th rep for Avon...YAY!!!! My unit leader, Rachel, came with me but on the way she informed me that I'd be doing it all by myself....YIKES!!!!! And to try and keep it to an hour....ha! There were a few times during that I literally had to make myself stop talking...don't want to overwhelm anyone!! I did good tho! We left there just about 5 pm and headed home! It was close to 6:30 when we arrived finally...I know I was anxious to get out of the car, the kids were too! Immediately got dinner going and sat down to eat. I love breakfast for dinner!! YUM!!!

I did bathe the kids before bed...its been so muggy lately and we're all sweating a bit more...being stuck in the car with them all afternoon made me realize they MUST have a bath tonite...esp for going to church in the morning. They were both tired and easily went to bed!! I then hopped back in the car to head to Freddy's as the ads were done tonite...gotta get in on it! Plus the car needed beeped on me on the way home this aft.

Now, I think I'll go relax in my chair for the first time today! Whew!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!


  1. Oh man! It's crazy how much you need water when it's turned off. Glad they got baths. The girls were here this weekend and their hair was super dirty and got scrubbed big time before Church.

    Hopefully your hubs caught the big one!!


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