Tuesday, September 28, 2010

So, I think summer finally found us

The humidity has been thick today!! I read it got to 79% which is so odd for us!!! The sun wasn't out in full strength either...it only got to 72...supposed to be to 80 by the weekend...kinda nice!!

This morning I woke up in probably one of the top 3 ways one doesn't want to wake up....to the smoke alarms blaring! I think we have about 9 or so in the house and 6 of them were going off!! Couldn't see anything or smell anything, but its definitely not pleasant to hear all those alarms in stereo!! Apparently its the humidity messing with them...I have a g/f who works as a teacher and she said they had 3 "fire drills" today at school thanks to the humidity! Makes sense...the windows were left open last nite. Howie took two of them down and it all stopped. I think they send signals to each other and set each other off.

DJ woke up to all the noise too...Samantha...slept thru it! Til the end that is...DJ crawled in bed with me to resettle...and while Howie was in the bathroom I heard a door open and close...and then open and close again...so she put herself back to bed. Kinda kool!!!

All morning we kept checking for the Avon delivery guy...every time the dog barked, we checked...heard a big vehicle, we checked....and nothing!! So I grabbed a shower thinking "he'll come when I'm in the shower...Murphy's law"...didn't happen!! I gave it til 2pm and then I knew it wasn't gonna happen today...and 2 came and went...and no Avon!!! I've put in calls to see where it is....so tomorrow will tell! SO frustrating!!!!

In the mean time, the kids had a fabulous morning with Kristopher and Caleb over to play with them!! Our house became a drum practice place!!! Oh it was loud!!! Could hardly hear myself think!! So the best way to get kids quiet...feed 'em!! Didn't work...lol It was quieter, but not silent! So, because it wasn't raining, I kicked 'em all out to play! Sam chose to stay behind with me and just hung out. I let her forgo her nap since I wasn't going to be home for bed time, I figured I'd be nice to Howie and let her be extra tired!!

Once Howie got home from work, I kissed everyone good bye and headed to Lynnwood for an Avon meeting. I stopped by the bank first, and then off I went...music cranked!!! LOVE that! I arrived at exactly the same time as Kody, one of my reps, and we went in together and got the salad bar before the meeting. Loved seeing all the new Christmas stuff that's coming out!!! I also need to learn more about the fundraising options that Avon has...could be good!

I got home and Howie was still up, but went to bed pretty much right away after chatting about the nite. Then I got to watch the Monday comedies I love to watch! Castle was good too! I also caught Lone Star...not so sure about that one yet...might catch it again. Hawaii 5-0 didn't pique my interest...so guess that's the end of that! lol

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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