Monday, September 27, 2010

Why is it MY kid has to pipe up

At just the most inopportune time!?!?!

This morning during church service, which he sits with us now, the pastor had just finished praying and was mentioning a couple of members who also needed prayer, and after letting us know their needs, he says "Let's pray for them shall we?" and DJ pipes up "We already did pray!!" OY!! Other than that, he was doing fantastic!!! I really hope in 3 months that he's settled enough and understands the meaning of being quiet. He also got gum in church banned!! Crazy kid took it out of his mouth and set it on my chair...and I SAT IN IT!!!  Oh my word! Thankfully it was off to the side and came off my pants well enough, but we could NOT get it all off the fabric when we were waiting for the luncheon for new people to start up, and the pastor had come over to greet us, I had DJ tell him what he'd done wrong. DJ did NOT like that one bit! We'll see how next weekend goes!

So, we stayed for an informative luncheon at church after the service...some REALLY yummy food too!! And the pumpkin pies have made their way into my life once again!! Just sinful they are! Even the kids liked it!!! Which is awesome since Howie doesn't...silly boys! The kids left to go play while we adults hung out and introduced ourselves and heard the brief life history of the two pastors at the church.

We got home just before 2 and no Avon...boy was I disappointed!!! My days got switched to ordering on Thursday, and I assumed that meant delivery on Sunday...apparently not! I got busy doing laundry and got Samantha down for a much needed nap! I was gonna give it til 4 for the Avon to show before that was just too late to go do what I needed. Grrrr!!! It didn't show up at all! So, I was productive and at least got all the laundry washed...still one left in the washer that needs drying...I'll get to it before bed.

Since I was home for dinner, I gave the kids each a bath...I'm hoping to be gone all day tomorrow delivering, so no time for a bath then! Crossin my fingers!  Bed time was pushed back a half hour thanks to DJ catching an hour's nap on the couch this aft...he was wiped! They sure were silly before bed too! Glad they got it all out of their they did go down fairly easily! 

About 11ish DJ woke up to a bad dream...said he'd fallen in the we prayed, he went pee and then went right back to bed!  That was easy! He's such a different creature when he's half asleep! So lovey dovey!!! I love it!

I got to watch Amazing Race...which had me LAUGHING out loud SO many times!!! That show is just great!!! Its about the only reality show I'd want to do really! The watermelons had me crackin up...the walnut shell looking boats had me in hysterics and then people getting so lost was funny!!! Great show!  Then it was Desperate Housewives...another good show! Vanessa Williams should be a good addition!! Kinda hard not to see her in her Betty role...but still good! Then it was Brothers & Sisters...which had me in tears at the end! Such a good show!

Now, its bed time for mama!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!


  1. haha! "We already did pray" and gum - rowdies!

  2. Just guessing, but does your Avon come by Fedex ground? If so - they don't deliver on Mondays. Not sure why, they just don't. Found out waiting for some work stuff one time.
    Hope you get/got your stuff... sounds STRESSFUL waiting!


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