Monday, September 6, 2010

I can smell Fall

Samantha came running in from playing outside this evening she smelled Fall smells...all earthy...its definitely in the air! Howie and I noticed leaves starting to fall on our way home from church. Seems like we just started summer a month ago...oh wait, we DID!! Too short!! Meanwhile, I know back in Ontario they're dealing with heat...and just starting to cool off. My mom's glad tomorrow is the last day of the C.N.E...18 days straight working those long hours is taxing!!! Sure glad she had the help she did!  I miss all the deals!!

I have to say, today was a most excellent Sunday!! After church we came home and had lunch and that was pretty much it! Howie took a nap on the couch, the kids played, Sam went down for her nap, and Howie woke up (his phone rang) and I laid down and took a nap. How perfect is that!?!? And DJ didn't nap which is even more perfect!! He did get to go down in the garage and learn some fishing stuff...he was telling me about it! Cuteness!

Dinner was AWESOME steaks grilled to perfection!!! The corn was not nearly as good as the corn we tried to get on the way home...we saw this truck at a gas station on the way to church with all these fresh goodies...and when we stopped by on the way home, he'd run out of corn. Bummer too! I much prefer white corn over yellow corn...and tonite was yellow. Even the kids weren't interested! Good thing it was 5 for a dollar! They did however devour the watermelon I'd cut up! We all did!!!

After dinner the kids got a bath, which means I got a shower! Sheesh!! All the sloshing and splashing...and its not even 6 inches of water! ha! DJ likes to think he's in a pool and Samantha seems to think she's in a stomping room! Clean babies tho, are just the yummiest!!! Almost as good as sleeping babies!!!

Which they soon were....ahhh bliss!! Howie happened on America's Funniest Videos....oh my word, they did a special "over the past 20 years" contest and the one that won it all was TOTALLY awesome!!!! I have thoughts already on how and when to scare the sh!t outta my kids like this family did!!! hahaha Even Howie got a chuckle out of it! Then he caught some Jimmy Buffet live telecast...such great music!! Howie realized the time and went to bed while I happened on Days of Thunder!!! Man, its been YEARS since I've seen that movie!!! Such a good one too! I have to say tho, I'm quite shocked its already 20 years old!! How did that happen!?!?!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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