Sunday, September 5, 2010

Daddy leeping

Is the song she was singing while we were at costco shopping!!! I swear my kids were competing to be the loudest kids there...and they WON!!! Insane! Maybe it was all the extra people there on a long weekend Saturday...ugh! Either way we were there an extra half hour longer than normal....and that included lunch!

After there we headed to Albertsons to get some corn for dinner...and the local stuff is in!! Its SO good!! We had some the other nite and it was super sweet! Makes me excited to grow some next year!  At this point Samantha was getting punchy from not having a nap...and DJ was being a typical 4 yr old all over the place!!! The free cookie they got from the bakery only kept them quiet for a few minutes....

I was unloading the buggy and realized I'd forgotten something, so I got Sam back out of her car seat and back in we went...if it wasn't a necessary item, I'd have left it for another time, but if I'd come home without the beer...HA! I think it was just about 3 when we got home and DJ was most excited to get out of the truck and play! Sam was actually a helper today! She carried in a pack of Capri Sun and then the was so funny how she brought the coffee into the kitchen, put it on the floor, and gave an enormous sigh! Like she'd carried something more than her own weight! She does enjoy helping tho! As soon as she was done helping tho she took off for outside! Well, outside, inside, outside, inside...that's more her thing...just in case we missed her!

I quickly grabbed a shower and then got moving with dinner prep. Howie's dad and his girlfriend Ellen were coming for dinner! So while I was out shopping, Howie was napping (he had to go in to work this morning) and then did all the vacuuming! What a guy!!! House looked good too! I got a couple candles going and it smelled good!!

Dinner was delish!! Pork chops grilled to perfection, pesto noodles (Sam's choice) and corn on the cob! Dessert was a carrot cake (I am turning into my mother...) which Samantha thought she'd help bring to the table...from the counter, that's still taller than she is...yeah, it was sideways for 10 feet! Such a helper!!!! lol  DJ enjoyed helping me blow out the candles...he insisted on the candles! His enthusiasm was fun! As soon as the cake was consumed, they were both back outside! Then we enjoyed more conversation with Dad and Ellen. Its cute when they're loveydovey with each other! Awwwww

They left at 8 and I brought a super sad SamSam in for bed...figured we'd deal with them one on one tonite. As I was gettin Sam ready DJ came in on his own and got ready too. Both were in bed by 8:40! Not too late. Before the bed time prep I realized I had to go back into town to finish the groceries at Freddys as the sales would be over today. Totally spaced on it being a Saturday...Howie off I went after kissing Howie goodnite! Fairly easy shopping with hardly anyone in the store at that time of nite...whew! I was back home by 10:15 and unloaded and put away. Sat and watched some tv...kind of a boring nite really! Gotta have those days tho...makes the adventurous ones even more exciting!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops! case you didn't figure it out, Sam was singing "Daddy sleeping"....and he was!

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