Friday, September 3, 2010

She'll always have DJ

The past couple days the bond between DJ and Samantha has gotten stronger!! I've noticed a few things and they just melt my heart! The other day we're driving, they're in the back talking to each other and DJ says "Know what SamSam? I love you!" Totally out of the blue!! And what mother doesn't want to hear that between her kids!?!?!? DJ has also shown that he can protect Samantha from harm (unless he's the one doing the harm that is) and its quite endearing to watch. And just today, I'd told Sam NO in a firm voice about something and she got all upset, went to DJ and he gave her a hug, patted her on the back and told her "it's okay" Awwwwwwww!!! right!??! How awesome is that??! The best!

Today was a go-nowhere kind of day!! Yet I had a lot of phone calls to make!! Turns out, I now have 3 reps under me!!! Yesterday a friend of my 1st rep signed up under no one, and then learned Shirah had. She wanted to join forces with her and be on my team, so phone calls were made and as of this morning she's on my team!! SOOOOO awesome!!! I got to talk with her a bit today and she's super excited to get going!!! LOVE it!!! Sounds like me a year ago!! :D

Since we had no plans the kids got bathed this morning...I find it less rushed to bathe them during the day than right before bed time. DJ was showing off his going under water skillz! He's blowing me away with his new found talents!! He thinks he's diving under water to get the toys...hahaha! Crazy kid! 

While Sam napped DJ and I snuggled to watch Veggietales...he likes the pirates that don't steal anything the best! The neighbours were gone to the fair today, which made DJ not want to go outside...and it was SO beautiful out too!  When Howie got home I took the kids outside to get the mail...and then checked out my garden...turns out I am growing some rutabagas after all! So I thinned them out as they were crowding each other...and the carrots are about half way done...couple more weeks yet! I also pulled all the peas out and got the last few green beans picked. Next year will be SO much better! Plus, I'll write down the exact day I plant things so I can keep track of when they should be done. The tomatoes on the back deck are thriving!!!! I've got 8 plum sized ones so far...keep growing toms!!!

I had the pleasure of putting the kids to bed as Howie was napping as he had to go in tonite for a few hours. Surprisingly, they both went down easily! DJ only came out once and that was to tell me that Jasper was under his bed...easy to get him out!! He didn't want to be there! I woke Howie up about 9 and he actually scared the crap outta me by being awake  and when I reached for him, he grabbed me!!! Yeah, he got me! But I was able to return the favour 10 minutes later and got him good!

Once he was on his way I grabbed a shower and then settled in to watch CMA Fest from last nite on dvr. I love being able to fast forward thru things I don't have to sit thru! Kid Rock being one of them!!! UGH!! Since it's 3 hours long, I stopped just after watchin Blake and Trace sing Hillbilly Bone! LOVE that song!!!

Til  next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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