Friday, September 24, 2010

That extra blanket

REALLY did the trick!!!! Waking up warm and cozy is so nice!!! If only I didn't have two sets of freezing cold feet warming up on me!!! Sheesh!!! They do take after their mum tho...sadly!

This morning we finished off the groceries...but with stops to get dog food and stuff for Operation No More Cat Pee On The Bed! I'd gone in there the other day, but the person I was to speak with wasn't he was!! The owner of the store even! He was very personable and quite the cat lover!! He gave me options as to what to do...and we chose a flower essence by Pet Essences that's for Anxiety and Fear...should help calm him down a bit. And I also got the smallest litter box I've ever seen...and its currently in my bathroom so he has an alternative to my bed! Its been used, so here's hoping!! I put drops in some water at my sink and also got a few in him tonite as well as on him...should take a couple days.

Then we hit up costco which went surprisingly smooth!!! And quick!! No samples on a Thursday so we just whipped thru our list and came home! Samantha fell asleep again on the way home, so left her to nap while I unloaded and got lunch for DJ and I...and then she came in and had her lunch....and DJ had a second lunch!! He's never full anymore!!!! Its insane!!

Since she'd already had her nap, we just hung out...folded laundry and played. They got me to play hide n seek with them....their newest spot is my closet behind the clothes...and the giggles give them away! When it was my turn to hide...I did such a good job! I hid outside the sliding door...I could see them, and hear them calling out for me...since I had my phone with me, I called the bat phone and he answered it....talked to me, asked me where I was and why couldn't he find me....I was having a hard time containing my laughter!! Even Snickers barked and he didn't clue in to the stereo effect! I sent him downstairs to look for me and snuck back they were coming up the stairs, he was trying to call me again, and I jumped out at both of them and scared the youknowwhat outta them!!!! OH it was priceless!!!!! No, this doesn't make me a mean mom....they love it!! Esp when they bot scream "again, again!" haha

Howie got home from work and went to work on the boat...he's got a trip tomorrow with someone who "bought" him in an auction last Spring. The kids ended up outside with him and I got dinner ready...costco roast chicken...easy!!!! I did do corn on the cob and steamed it wasn't ALL easy! lol  Once the kids were done, they played on Starfall while I grabbed a shower....and then went to bed.

SamSam complained about wanting her light on to Howie last nite, so to solve it, I put a night light in her room tonite....which she thought was just awesome!!!!! And we didn't hear a peep from her!!!! So nice! She did ask me to stay home tonite....too cute!

I, like many other millions of women, got reacquainted with some old friends tonite!! First was Big Bang Theory...oh it had me guffawing out loud!!!! And then Grey's and Private Practice!!! So much happening!!! Such a good nite!!! Grey's was good!! The emotions were still raw from the ending last season...and it was just fantastic!!! And Private Practice was equally good!!! Even got some knitting done!! Perfect nite! I even watched My show, and it was okay...kind of like another show a couple years ago that I can't remember the name of that didn't last long....just sayin....

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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