Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Happy LabourFree day!!

For most people that is! I did labour around the house...and I'm sure there was a woman or two labouring somewhere today! But that's taking the term literally...

This morning I woke up to children as I do every morning, but with Howie on vacation, I wasn't expecting them! Their snuggles are always the best tho! DJ was funny...he came in, snuggled for 30 seconds and said "Can you feed me now Mummy?" The child is seriously in a growth spurt! I think he grew an inch over nite!! I kid you not! Its visible that he's taller...he doesn't do the tummy thing before a growth spurt...I have a nephew that whenever he was ready to sprout up, he'd get this little belly on him first...it was cute!!!

Howie hadn't made it upstairs yet...he slept in...but we were both moving at the same time...so I made a yummy eggs n toast breakfast!! Everyone gobbled it up! Only missing bacon....where's my dad when I need him!?!?! Oh yeah, back in Ontario!!

During breakfast Howie surprised all of us by suggesting Miss Samantha get a real bed!!!! At first I thought he was suggesting turning her crib into a day bed...but he clarified that he meant a REAL bed!!! DJ's bed is part of a bunk bed set...and since he doesn't have bunk beds set up in his room, the second bed was in the garage with the mattress under DJ's bed. Man, I was not ready for this!!!!! At this age DJ was going into a toddler bed at my mom and dad's....and then a real bed when we got back after he turned 3. Miss Sam is going to be 2 and a half in a couple weeks...yikes!! But when we asked her if she wanted a real bed like DJ's bed, she clapped her hands and said YEAH!! How do you argue with that!??!

So the dismantling of the crib happened soon after breakfast settled...it was kind of sad...this is my last baby!! She was pleased as punch! Even helped bring part of her crib out of her room to the top of the stairs just to prove the point! Once all the pieces were in her room the chore of finding the hardware to put it together was a difficult one. Now, smart people would tape the baggie of screws and whatnot TO the bed....yeah, we're not smart like that! Altho, it will be done next time we move...its a good idea! So, instead of turning every single thing upside down in the house and garage trying to find that baggie, Howie dug around his parts containers and found what he needed to put it together.

He got to work alone for the most part...we put Alvin and the Chipmunks on for the kids and since it was something new to them, they sat and watched for the most part....and before we knew it, he was vacuuming up his mess in her room and the mattress was gotten. She was so cute...trying to help me make her bed up! I got pictures of her fake sleeping...the smiles were cute!!

After lunch, she was excited to go lay down for a nap...and she did AWESOME!!!! Didn't get up once and slept almost 2 and a half hours!! I can't believe she's old enough for a real bed!  While she was napping I headed over to the shed to deal with the books! It was so nice to be by myself...I backed the truck right up to the shed door as it was pouring down rain and put Trace's cd on and went to work! I got everything sorted and dealt with!! I couldn't do anything about sharing it out, as the library and goodwill were closed, but its out of the shed ready for the next run tomorrow!

I did run into town tho to grab a free movie (turns out it wasn't! I'll be complaining) and some horrid chew for Howie...to my surprise, the grocery store was open and the dollar store was too! I thought it was Labourfree day...guess not! It is also the day before school starts...so maybe that's why. I got a total Howie movie...Clash of the Titans. I know NOTHING about Greek mythology, so this movie was lost on me! Howie enjoyed it tho...actually stayed up to watch it! After he went to bed, I put on Bachelor Pad...and they were just dumb dumb DUMB to keep Elizabeth and Kovacs!!! I wish we could see who voted for who like they do in Survivor! Ah, mindless entertainment!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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