Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Technical difficulties

My computer is behaving like and ornery old man!!! Quite stubborn too!! I've been waiting for blogger to load for 45 minutes now...hence starting on my phone...at least I feel somewhat productive!  Takes a little longer, but at least I can get started!

This morning was a wet one...but not from rain! DJ came to me at 5:30 soaking wet...so he changed and climbed in bed with me. Even at hat time of day he was sad he didn't get to go fishin with Howie who'd taken the day off work. I wasn't sure if it was raining outside or not...it was supposed to..

About 7 Miss Samantha came in soaking wet too!! Sheesh!! Did a pee dam break somewhere!??!!? Got her changed and dressed and she was happy! After breakfast tho, they both got a bath!!! I wasn't supposed to be home this evening, so a morning bath it was!

Howie got home just as we were finishing up our lunch....Samantha helped him eat his lunch even tho she'd eaten everything on her own plate!  I think they're both going thru a growth spurt...DJ is constantly eating! I keep telling them to stop this growing nonsense and they both replay "NEVAH!!!" its quite cute!

DJ went swimming next door (it got nice and warm in the sun) and Howie went napping, Samantha went napping...so I went resting on the couch! DJ was in and out talking to me, getting a drink, going pee, getting changed...non-stop with him! By  everyone was up and moving! Howie out to clean up the boat and mow the lawn, Samantha to supervise her daddy, DJ busy playing and me in here cleaning up the kitchen and putting laundry away. About 5 DJ said he'd been invited to tag along to D's football practice, so he ate dinner quickly before leaving us in peace.

After dinner Howie went back out to finish mowing and SamSam sat and watched Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure while I showered. I came back out and Howie had joined her watching it. She even got to stay up later to finish watching it...and then went right to bed! DJ got home within minutes of me putting her down and off he went to bed! He sure had fun tho!

Once all was quiet I watched Bachelor Pad...I only missed the first 10 minutes, which worked out well as that's all the recap stuff anyways! In between the show, during commercials, they announced who the next stars were for DWTS...I'm sorry, but I don't think I'll be watching this season much...either that or they should rename it Dancing With The Wannabe Stars...seriously!?!?! Bristol Palin is a star!??! Of what?? And Audrina Patridge?? The Situation (I detest calling him that!!) is NOT a star...he's a lab rat! And David Hasselhoff?? PUHLEEZE!!!!!!! His star burned out a few years ago...OY!  Even Howie's not interested this year as his fave dancer, Edyta, won't be returning.

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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