Thursday, September 16, 2010

Awana say I remembered

But the truth of the matter is....I completely forgot that Awana started tonite. I could have sworn it started next week! YIKES!!!! Good thing my neighbour called me to chat and informed me I'd be seeing a mutual friend tonite at which I went "what?" and it all came clicking together!! I lost a week somehow! Good thing the sketti sauce was we ate earlier!

This morning dawned with a loud bang! And more followed it...and then the light and then more banging..Apparently we need more Advil in the house...its on the list now! Along with all the noise came two small children...Samantha woke first and instead of coming into my room, I hear her waking DJ that meant I had BOTH of them this morning! DJ fell back to sleep...and Sam might have for a half hour but then she was done! She was awake and off.

After breakfast I was to call one of my reps for an Avon meeting, but I think I wrote her number down wrong...and didn't have the voicemail to refer back to...that'll teach me! So, that plan didn't pan out...I was all set too!! Hopefully she calls me back tomorrow!

So instead, I got some laundry going and got the dishwasher going...folded some clothes...all kinds of domestic stuff! After lunch DJ headed next door and Samantha headed for her I took a cat nap on the couch since it was so quiet! I woke to DJ's heavy foot steps on the stairs....he's not a light footed child! So we snuggled on the couch a bit til he started getting which point I got up and got the sauce going for dinner. Howie came home and it was then I got the phone call reminding me tonite was the start of Awana.

DJ was actually pretty excited to go...Samantha was equally bummed she didn't get to go! They do have classes for her age, but not at this she'll get some good daddy time while we're gone. We arrived at the church an it was hopping!! I dropped DJ off at his class and then went in search of what I was supposed to be doing...I am the secretary to Truth and Training grades 3-6...good age! I also learned that I really had NO clue what Awana was like...its intense! Its not like Brownies, or Girl Guides or Scouts...there's homework! And before you advance, you have to recite/answer stuff. Howie thinks its above DJ, but I think he'll do just great! Time will tell!!!

So when I got home, Howie was watching AGT...tonite was THE nite...the results were in! And can I just say I'm SHOCKED (and yet, not really) that the little girl did NOT win!! First off, she's far too young to headline a show in Vegas...or have any clue what that entails! But opera!?!?! That's a very select crowd...the other guy (I have no clue his name...) was a much better suited winner! My fave tho was Fighting Gravity...that was truly unique!!!!

Also tonite, Survivor Nicaragua started!!!! The older tribe vs the younger tribe...interesting twist! I  was also shocked that Jimmy Johnson wasn't voted off first...again, interesting twist! The scenery is stunning as usual!!! Maybe someday...

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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