Tuesday, September 21, 2010

For Sale: Shark Tales

Dvd featuring Will Smith as the voice of Oscar....a fish who says "shut up" far too many times for my liking!! Even after I heard it being said 4 times in a row, I reminded DJ that it was NOT something he was allowed to say, and we talked about his punishment if he did say it.

Apparently it didn't sink in!

After dinner while I was using the facilities, he said to Samantha...and was over heard by Howie...and got sent to his room....I found out what happened and marched him right to his bathroom and soaped him up!! This mama don't pull punches!!!

Aside from that little experience, our day was great!!! Since today was a book run day, I decided not to stress about getting groceries...the shed is starting to supplement well I'm finding. Plus, DJ was moving slower than a snail!!! We took off just before 11 and got home just after 1...not too bad! Ate a quick lunch and instead of having a fight with Samantha at bed time, chose to let her stay up...she's clearly not ready for that tho as she was wild with whine!!! I coulda used some! Wine that is! Man!

DJ got to play for a little bit outside before the rain started and he got soaked some other way than the rain...and inside he came. Just about 3:45 we headed downstairs to play for a bit. Howie got home and then went up to join him while I kept on with more laundry.

After dinner I gave the kids each a bath...Samantha had some wild hair going on...DJ just needed to smell better! Already with that boy smell...Lord, help me when he's a teenager!!! They did go down easily...and Sam woke up about an hour and a half later...for no reason...oy! Wish her molars would come in already!

Tonite was also the start of some good tv!!! HIMYM was classic!!!!! As was 2 1/2 Men...we were laughing out loud for that one!! I also watched the new Hawaii 5-0...meh, I'll give it another shot but I wasn't sold on the pilot episode! Castle came back too which I love!! All in all, a good nite!! Even got some knitting done!!! Whew!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

P.S. just make me an offer for the dvd! :)

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