Thursday, September 9, 2010

Coming to you live

I'm sitting in the stands at Jake's football game just amazed I got Blogger up on my phone!! Sawheet!!! We're in the last quarter of a really good game...currently kicking butt and taking names!! 41-7!! Jake's had some amazing plays too and we've heard his name called 4 times over the loud speaker for making great plays!! I will say, I detest his "cock of the walk" strut he does!!

This morning dawned all too early...4 am...DJ woke up he changed and grabbed his pillow to join me...I think it scared him more than anything!! And then he was up for the day at 7! SamSam soon to follow! Howie had gone fishing at the river so it was like any other day for us!

As soon as breakfast was done I got busy with a ten second tidy!! I was having a follow-up Avon meeting with Kody and the kids were having a play date! I at least wanted it picked up! Got done just as she pulled into my drive! Whew!

After lunch they left and nap time happened for me and Samantha...I needed it today!! Howie took DJ out for a bike ride and then puttered in the garage. I got up just before 4 and got ready for the game. Michaela came over just before 5:30 and we took off after giving bed time instructions. We got to the stadium a bit early and ate our dinner in the car before heading in to find a place to numb our butts. Man those seats are nasty!! Howie also got to participate in his first Pledge of Allegiance as an American...kind of momentous!!!

I have to give serious props to BodyGlove for their outstanding protection of my new babyBerry! During a rather excitable moment my phone took a 20ft tumble to a concrete base under the stands. My heart went with it!!! Howie valiantly went and rescued it and it came back to me in 4 pieces! The phone, the front of the case, the insert for the hole in the back, and the back!! At which point my heart started beating again!!! I put it back together and examined the case for damage...the tiniest piece came off in my hand! If that's the only casualty, I'm golden! Whew!

Now we're on our way home to relieve the sitter and relax in a comfy chair that's nice and warm! Truly a perfect Fall evening for a football game!! Final score ended up being 48-7! Way to go Mavericks!!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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