Monday, September 20, 2010

Mummy has stinky feet

Was the best way to get him to smile naturally!!! After church this morning (which was trying at best!! I really don't like having DJ in the sanctuary with me! I find it so distracting!) we headed to Lake Stevens for DJ's 4 year old pix...I have a g/f who's one of the photogs there and she did Sam's pix back in May and I just loved them! I was NOT disappointed today either!!! He's such a handsome kid!!! Its really tough not to buy up every single pose and collage...damn them for being so good!!

Even Samantha wanted in on the action...she was such a bear for her session, but when its DJ's turn, she wants in every picture!!! Gonna remember that for next time! I'm on to her little game!!! Shhh don't tell her tho! We even got an amazing shot of the 3 of wasn't til after that I realized I had my sunglasses on my head like a typical of me!! So, we re-shot it with a different pose that I just love! Don't worry mom, you'll get one!!

Since it was well past lunch time for them I grabbed a couple Lunchables from Target and they ate on the way home...worked out well! While Sam was having a sippy cup I ate my lunch cuz I was starving!!! She fought nap time for whatever reason...and still only slept til 4. While they played on the computer I got the grocery list figured out.

Howie finally called me just after 4 to say he was on his way home from the derby. He did in fact catch a fish today and that's what was for dinner!!! YES!!!! Nothing better than fresh caught fish! He also stuck around for all the drawings you have to be present for and won a brand new crab trap with the rope and buoy!!!!! How awesome is that considering ours was stolen last month!! When he got home the kids were VERY excited to see him and follow him around like shadows! I ended up grabbing a cat nap sitting on the couch which was kind of a wonderful blessing! Power naps are all ya need sometimes!

After dinner the kids played and Howie went to bed...he was exhausted from the whole weekend. I wrestled the kids to bed and fought with Samantha for over an hour!! She knows she can't get out of bed, so she sits there screaming at the top of her lungs for me! I'd hoped to get to the shed after they went to bed, but as I was swapping the car seats out of the car and into the truck, I could actually hear her screaming with the window closed! ME! The deaf one!!! That's how loud she was!!! After a few more times of going in there I finally just had to ignore her and she fell asleep! Rascal! So just after 10 I headed to the shed and scored some sweet stuff!! Loved all the apples that were there too!

Now, I'm callin it a nite...tomorrow promises to be a busy one!!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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