Monday, August 16, 2010

The heat got to me!!!

After surviving yesterday's temps, one would think that I'd survive today's equally hot weather.


In fact, it got the best of me!!

After church we came home, ate lunch, and packed up a picnic dinner...with lots of water, and a 1/4 of a large watermelon all cut up.

Our destination was the Festival (Festible according to DJ) of the River which is up in Arlington! When we left the house, it read 92 in the truck....and it just kept on climbing as we drove!! It got to 100 quite easily before we knew it!

The festival was all free and put on by the Stillaguamish tribe every year.....the parking tho, is not free!! But for 5.00 you're right there as opposed to walking quite a distance! And our spot was perfect!! Stage right!! So, we left our stuff in the truck, save for our blanket to lay out, and went in search of my girlfriends. They'd saved us a great spot close up front!!! It was perfect!! Since we weren't interested in who was on stage at that time (sorry to whoever it was up there...) we took the kids and went walking. DJ had spied a bouncy house and we walked all the exhibits (I've been to too many fairs/crafts shows to be thoroughly impressed....) and found the bouncy house. The tickets were 1.00 each and they could jump around for however long they wanted!! Sweet!! Worth the buck!! Unless you have my kids and 30 seconds is all they wanted...UGH! So, instead, they let the kids go down the slide once each (also one ticket a piece) and DJ jumped at the chance! Sam...not so much! So, DJ took her turn too!

All that sliding shifted something in DJ's body and he had to Howie took him (God bless him, there's no way I could survive a trip to a porta potty) and I took Sam back to our blanket. There was NO shade to be had near the staging I provided shade for SamSam...but man was it HOT!!!! Even nekkid it would have been too hot!! The backs of my knees had sweat just dripping down my legs!! YUCK!

Howie finally made his way back to us and we took off for the river....just to check it was too deep for DJ to just go in and cool off....while walking around in the forest I started getting faint....I could feel my heartbeat in my scalp. Howie said my face was beet red to! DJ's head was super sweaty too...and Sam had some pink cheek action going on. So, we decided to bag it and head home. Howie went and got the truck while the kids and I stayed in the shade of the forest. I felt bad leaving all my friends like that....but also didn't want to leave in the back of an ambulance!!!

Speaking was coming into the park as we were leaving...and we'd heard that two people already hadn't done so well in the heat. Washington is just not prepared to deal with this kind of heat!! Nor are its residents!!!

The ride home was much more scenic than the one up...we took the back way and stayed off the highways. The fun part was trying to keep the kids awake!! NOT!!!!! But I didn't want a repeat of yesterday....napping after 5pm!

When we got home we had a picnic on the back deck...DJ was all geared up for a picnic, so we all ate outside!! And we ate the food I'd taken too!! No sense cooking something! After dinner we tried just cooling off!! The kids got naked and danced around in the cool air the a/c was pumping!!! They went to bed and Howie and I broke out the freezies!!!!! Been waiting all day for that! :)

Now, I'm draggin myself to bed....tempted to camp out in the living room as its cooler, but my bed is far too comfy for that!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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