Saturday, August 14, 2010

I got a glimpse of what it used to be

Like to have one child. I do remember those days of just DJ around....even further back, to just Jake!!! Tonite I got a glimpse of what its like with just SamSam!! DJ joined the neighbours as they attended David's football practice!!! They invited, and he said yes before he even asked me!! He was SO excited!! He came in from the pool, got dressed, ate dinner quickly, and took off without so much as a hug or kiss! I called his butt back in the house to say goodbye properly! Something I blame my father for!! :s  (love you dad!)

This morning everyone slept in late after the later than normal evening. The kids didn't get up til 8:30 and we finally go up about quarter to 9...just perfect! Howie got ready for work and I fed everyone breakfast. Howie left and the Avon arrived!! I got busy sorting it out and then we took off for the was book share day! Thankfully I had another gal helping me out going thru all the books and putting them in boxes. We got 60 boxes on Tuesday and I took about 12 of them today! Whew!! The library took 6 boxes and Goodwill took the rest.

I also had one delivery to make to a new it was good to make her acquaintance today  and hopefully she'll start doing some more shopping with me! :) We got home from all our running around about 1:30 and got down to business eatin lunch! Then Sam took her nap....I tried watching a movie I started last nite, as pretty good! Sorta predictable...but still good! I liked how it ended! I say I tried watching it, because I didn't quite manage to watch much...I was busy watching DJ out the window having fun! And before I knew it, it was time for Sam to get up! I prefer her to wake up on her own, but there is a statue of limitations on how long she's allowed to go for! :)

After Sam and I ate outside (it was HOT today!!) she then had a bath....then I sat her down to watch Veggie Tales and grabbed a shower myself! I remember those days of just DJ, sitting him on my bed watching tv and taking a shower....Sam did great!! I let her stay up a few  minutes later than normal and we read some books in her room before she climbed into bed.

DJ got home shortly before 9 being all loud and normal....and thirsty and dirty...he had FUN!!!! As I was dealing with him we heard the crunch of the gravel in the driveway...Howie was home!!! While I herded DJ to bed, Howie got work getting the boat ready to roll for tomorrow. Herding was a job and a half!! But I did finally get him settled and in bed!! Then I got busy loading up the car for less thing to do in the morning.

Once Howie went to bed I watched the rest of that movie and a couple other things in dvr and called it a nite! *nods* Yup, it was a good nite!! Still a bit says its 70 outside and is midnite...we're expecting SUPER warm tomorrow! Bring it on!! :)

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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