Tuesday, August 3, 2010

She was a mama's girl today!!!

This morning was our first ever VBS day...we'd been talking about it since yesterday when I found out they could go, even at their ages! And Sam was all "me too" about it...until crunch time!!

We arrived just at 9am...so not too terrible when you think about the fact that I abhor mornings! They had just taken the pre K kids in the church as we were signing DJ up....so he took off as soon as possible!! Kissed me good bye and off he went with a smile on his face!!!

Samantha on the other hand...wanted NOTHING to do with the lady who was ready to walk her to her room...I think it might have been the sunglasses!! Quite possibly due to sensitivity to light...they looked more heavy duty than regular sunglasses. So, I walked with her and should have just dropped her off and walked away...but I didn't! I hesitated and she picked up on that and latched on!!!! Would NOT let me go for anything!!!

Since they were good on volunteers, it was okay that I stay with her in her room....even tho they had 4 people already! HA! and only 6 kids! She did let go of me to play with magnets, but made sure I was in arms length!! After playing for a bit we made our way to the music room....and she did good strumming on Miss Fran's guitar for the welcome song. And finally loosened up enough to do the motions for another song. And then as we were grabbing handkerchiefs on the rope (it's a cowboy themed VBS!) she didn't even look for me!! So I snuck off to the bathroom and when I checked on her she was sitting (and sniveling a bit) with one of the other girls!! Not crying, just pouting! Til the cookies came out...then she was fine! ha!

So I went and found the director and got assigned to the kindergartners room...they had more kids than originally planned so needed one more adult! I was also able to leave the room and go check on SamSam whenever I wanted!! I did so as we were transitioning from room to room...she was doing great!!! They'd let her go in with the baby babies and she got all motherly trying to give them toys! Then I saw her back with her group playing outside with no qualms! My class was out there for snack and I made sure she didn't see me and get all distraught again.

It was during my class' music time that I saw DJ out in the hall coming in from snack/rec time and I got to watch him without him noticing me for a bit. SO odd to watch your child while he's so unaware of you!! He did finally spot me tho and waved! but was having too much fun. A little while later our groups merged to watch a missions video and he was excited to come see me and then went back to his friends!

By the time it was over (12:20) Samantha was ready for me and in the hall looking for me (in the arms of a worker) and almost jumped to me! We quickly found DJ and headed to Freddy's to drop off another Avon order!! Then we hurried home as Howie was going in to work early and we weren't going to get an hour with him like planned! It was a whirlwind of hellos/goodbyes/guesswhats....and then it was me and the kiddos! The afternoon was spent watching Underdog...again!! which, sadly, DJ deleted without realizing what he was doing! So I'll have to check and see if its airing again soon. Or, find something else!

When Sam got up they played VERY well together!! No screaming, no fighting, just nice!! Talk about awesome!!! Then they got hungry for dinner and the crankies came out! After dinner they again played well til bedtime. Which allowed me the chance to make Howie his caramel corn! Whew!

Once the kids were in bed I got to sit n knit while watching hte finale of B'ette...I was watching it so intensely too! Looking for any kind of clue to see who Ali would pick...I found it too! The moment she walked in to Chris' place for their last date she didn't have his bracelet on!! I knew right then and there she was dumpin him!! Goshdarnit! Such a sweetheart!! To be fair tho...so is Roberto!

The after the rose special explained something to me too! She never really felt it with Chris I don't think....if Frank hadn't taken the coward's way out, it would have been Frank and Roberto as the final two. Interesting!!! I would have been rooting for Roberto if that was the case!! I wish them well! Glad they're not letting grass grow under their feet in the living arrangements!!!!! And I hope they learn from Jake...don't take on another reality show right after!!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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