Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Thank you for being a friend

I've gotten hooked on Golden Girls reruns...thanks to Blake Shelton! He even sang the theme song yesterday on the Today Show...and answered all the trivia they threw at him!! Cracks me up!!! I got them right too! LOL Dorothy got ALL the one liners in this show! And her deadpan delivery was awesome!!!

But back to us! Samantha woke up just before 6, I think, the numbers were fuzzy on the clock! She brought me a diaper and wipes...and asked to be changed! So I changed her and instead of sending her back to her own bed, she climbed in on Howie's side. That will be the last time she does that for a while!! HA!

Just around 7 DJ came in and found her sleeping on the floor on Howie's side...she didn't make it! lol Not sure if she fell off, or if she got off...but she slept there! Meanwhile DJ climbed in beside me and dozed off again! They were both up about 8 for the day. This after suffering from some restless leg and insomnia last nite...what a bad combination that is!!! I think it was 3:30 by the time I finally fell asleep!!!

Once I got my Avon order submitted, I laid down on the couch...and had both kids join me...first time they were still all morning! Sam laid down beside me and DJ behind my that we all fit together! It wasn't til I was serving lunch that DJ realized he was still in his pj's!!! Neither one was complaining, so I didn't push the issue! Usually, as you know, they're nekkid as soon as they're done, they just entertained themselves too well! Just as I finished my lunch the kids heard the gravel crunching on the driveway...they immediately thought Daddy was home, so we all went to the window to discover it was my friend Anneke and her girl, Aliya come for a visit! I quickly ran and got my contacts in (the kids weren't the only ones being lazy!) before greeting her. She laughed! It was a good quick visit and then they took off. After that, both kids got dressed!!! Sam to take a nap and DJ go outside to play as the neighbours had arrived home.

I headed over next door at one point as I couldn't see DJ...turns out, he's the same dirt brown colour as their dirt!! Talk about human camouflage!!! It wasn't til he said "hi Mum" that I found him! So then I chatted with Michaela for a bit...then Lara came out, so Michaela and I took her kitten up to my house for a nail trimming. Ohhh was Jazz pissed!!!! She threw a few hissy fits and then retreated to under my doubt telling Jasper all about this black kitten in the house!! Ahh that cracks me up!

Even funnier...Howie came home, didn't see Michaela, but saw me holding a kitten and was all "WHAT have you done!!!??!?!!" before realizing she was just visiting!! TOO funny!!!!! Oh that had me chuckling! Once he realized she wasn't ours he was holding her and talking to her. MEN!

Just before 5 I headed out...I had an Avon meeting tonite and wanted to stop by the bank first....I was even earlier than I thought I'd be, so I stopped at Walmart (where else?!?!) for pads and this drink mix we like...and then because I still had more time I headed to the other bank we deal with and then went to the park n ride to wait for my g/f Shirah. Once I got her picked up we headed to our meeting. It was a recruitment meeting!!! She's my first recruit!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!! Now I just need 4 more and I'll be a unit leader...should be interesting!!!! I'm quite excited about it actually!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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