Monday, August 9, 2010

He's been inspired!!!

I just wish he wasn't such a rebel!!!

This morning the kids were up at 6:30...and the tv diversion trick didn't work...they were both in fine form! Howie finally got up with them shortly after 7 and I slept til 9. That past couple nites I've woken at 3:30ish for no reason...and then last nite I added a potty trip at the best sleep I got was from the time Howie got up til I got up just before 9.

I got ready for church BEFORE heading out of the bedroom...good thing too as the kids needed my attention immediately!! I made breakfast for me and Howie while he showered and we were out the door by 10:05!! Not bad! We were on the road the church is on and I got a phone call from a friend who needed a ride to church, so we made a detour and picked her and her son up. The son gets in first and DJ says "Hi, who are you!?" Quite the greeting!

Samantha did great going into her room for while we were in the service...DJ stayed with us as he was getting up on stage to sing his songs with his class...and we practiced them here at home and talked about how he was going to get up there. He started saying he wasn't getting up there, so I bribed him with worked! He went up on stage!!!

And did nothing!

Not one song!

Not one action to the songs!!


Correction...he stood there with his hand in his pants for the most part!

MORTIFIED I was! I leaned over and told Howie that was HIS kid!!! We did laugh, but then it just didn't stop...and when he came back to us after his class was done, we heard the chuckles...oy!

He started getting fidgety during the rest of the older classes songs, so I took him to nursery with Sam and he was kool with that idea! Whatta kid! That's the rebel part...

We didn't stay for the potluck after the service...not sure Howie comfortable with that yet...but how else is he gonna make friends if he doesn't stick around! It was nice to be greeted by a few people who recognized me from too!!!

We made a stop on the way home from church to Big 5 for Howie to get new shoes for work...he ended up getting two pair...which meant we had shoe boxes!!! DJ instantly remembered about doing the shoe boxes up in VBS for the missions....and asked if we could do that again. When we got home he removed the shoes and papers from the boxes and wanted to fill them immediately! We scrounged up a bunch of stuff just from around here. Pens, pencils, crayons, two books, a stuffed teddy (from their own collections), toys from their collections, tennis balls, deck of cards, and a washcloth I knit...and now he wants me to to shopping for more stuff to fill the box! He's been inspired!!!

After lunch Samantha went down quickly for her nap what with her early morning shenanigans! Once she was settled we watched the Blue Angels on tv doing their thing for SeaFair. It didn't take DJ long to fall asleep on the which point I declared it family nap time!! Howie stayed with his chair and remote...I took the dark bedroom and big bed!

About 4 we all got up and got reacquainted with the day! Sam woke up cranky....DJ woke up wondering what happened...and Howie was already outside tending to the boat he ignored yesterday due to rain. About 4:30 DJ and I took off for the shed so I could help was a good run and we scored some watermelon! Which we had with dinner! SO good!!

We let the kids stay up a bit later than normal due to the naps...and they were happy to watch the Veggie Tales movie I recorded for them. I worked on some Avon stuff as my order goes in this Tuesday. Once they were put to bed tho, I gave Howie a hair cut and sent him off to bed. After getting his lunch/coffee ready I sat down to knit and watch Drop Dead Diva and Army Wives. Thoroughly enjoyed both too!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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