Monday, August 2, 2010

Swing Shift has its pluses

And its minuses!!!

Today and tomorrow Howie is on swing shift...3-11 to try and cover some gaps in the plus was that we got to wake up together...and with two munchkins in bed with us! DJ came in early and went back to sleep beside me....and then Sam came in, so I hauled her up between Howie and I....she tried talking, but realized no one was talking back to her, so she just lay there playing with her hair and her baby boy...too cute really! By 8:30 we were all up!

Even tho we had a great head start on the day...we still just barely made it to church! The kids had NO problem getting their name tags on and just walking in to the play room. And with it being a regular service, compared to the service we attended two weeks ago. Howie and I were both impressed with the sermon....they're studying Mark...and today was about chapter 4's last parable. It was good! We both enjoyed it! I just wish I'd stop yawning and being SO sleepy while in there!! What's up with that!??!! I think I saw one older lady who was asleep, but for the most part, the ages of the people in this church are all over the board. I did get to meet a fellow gleaner too...she was in the room where our kids were!

We came home after to have lunch together since dinner was going to be just me and the kids. That was nice! After tho, Howie went and got ready for work...and then Rick came over to borrow the boat...aka Howie's baby!! I think he's got time off this week and wants to go fishing when Howie can't obviously. They all left around 2 and SamSam went down for her nap as soon as they left. DJ's movie of the week is Underdog...which, after watching some of it, I think it's over his head, but he likes the talking dog. If he tries to get Snickers to talk, I'll delete it! lol

The bat phone rang twice this aft!! Got one more order and left a voice mail for another Safeway book customer! SWEET!!! Before Sam woke up, I took off for the shed while Michaela watched the kids to do my hour of cleaning and sorting and then unloading as the run came in while I was there. The book run came in this morning too, so it looks like the shed threw up books everywhere! I didn't have time to look them thru...but none jumped out at me either.

When I got back the kids wanted dinner...with all the suggestions I made, they chose mac n cheese...the Toy Story we had that! With roasted garlic bread, bananas and a cookie. SO nutritious...ha! After dinner was bath once again, they smell good AND look good!! DJ has figured out how to make the remote put is movie on, so he watched that while I bathed Sam, and then she went out and watched it while it was his turn. Just before bed it was ending, so we watched the last of it together and then they both went to bed. No fuss either!! Perfect! Sam was still singing to herself for a bit after, but when I got out of the shower she was sound asleep!

While I waited for Howie to come home I did some knitting and watched tv. I really do like Drop Dead Diva and Army Wives! And one of my little known shows is back on...My Boys! Always good for  laugh! Howie got home shortly after midnite and has already gone to I'm finishing up here and going to join him!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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