Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I haven't even had my birthday

And I'm already thinking Christmas!! And just tonite, caught myself thinking about Thanksgiving!!!! GAH!! One season at a time please!!! Today was cold enough to have been a Fall day...'cept everything was still green! Yet, my son was outside in his swim trunks and a sweatshirt!!! Do I have to claim him as mine?? At one point he even wanted his snow boots on....all I could do was shake my head!

This morning they were once again up at 6 something....they need to get the memo that we sleep til 8 in this house!!! I woke the first time at 5:30 which was a good thing for Howie as he missed his alarm...and I don't remember anything past "honey, its 5:31" so that's good!

The kids were in and out of the house...thankfully the rain held off til late afternoon! They actually played well together for the most part...til the toy throwing over the back deck brought that to a halt! Sam fought diligently against going for a nap after having a wonderful picnic with Kristopher on the back deck. I love that he's a calming influence on the two of them. They all ate beautifully!

While Sam was snoozing DJ went in search of his playmate....not to be seen/heard from til around 5 when he got sent home for dinner! He said he had fun!! That's always a plus!  After dinner the kids got a bath and got them in bed. Our bed time routine evolved so that they both get put in bed at the same time now...and we piggy back race to the bedrooms with gigglers on our backs!!! Used to be that Sam would get an extra 15 mins of snuggle time, but she's doing good with the switch.

With everyone gone to bed (Howie went shortly after the kids did!) I got to sit and knit and watch the telly! The Bachelor Pad started tonite....kind of a bizarre show! Should prove interesting over the next few weeks! VERY glad Michelle got voted off...but didn't have a clue who Juan was....oops! I also finally recorded the Where Are They Now episode that TV Guide was running! Interesting!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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