Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My own garden is trying to kill me!!!

This evening I cooked up the green beans I'd harvested last nite...and the peas from a couple days ago...wanted to get them taken care of...not to eat tonite or anything...tonite was pizza nite!

So, when they'd cooled down a bit, I tried some of the green beans...YUM!!!!! Then I went to Howie and tried putting one in his mouth and he did this freak out thing that had me just laughing!!!!

Then choking!!!

And with choking comes coughing!!!!

And this calibre of coughing should only be done while sitting on the toilet!!! Unless of course you like to wet yourself!!!!

First of, I didn't do any of the above....the choking, yes, the peeing my pants, no! HA! but damn!!! That's not fair!!! Age combined with 2 kids dancing on my bladder for a combined total of 20 months is not a pretty combo!! Sheesh!!

That was pretty much the excitement of the day too! Sad eh?

No, not at all! We stuck around the house for the most part. DJ was out swimming at 10:30 again...Sam was begging for her balloon before he'd even closed the door! Today we added all her magnet for the fridge...that occupied her for a nice while, just putting them on the fridge, taking them off, repeat! As we put them away for the day we went thru each letter and number. Her favourite letter is O as that's pretty easy to pick out!

After lunch I took a quick trip to the shed to drop off a lipstick sample for another member, and while there got a pizza that looked half was cheese and which I added grilled chicken, olives and garlic! YUM!!!

Once Samantha was down for her nap I changed into my suit and headed for the cool waters next door! At least today DJ wasn't AS clingy...he was still annoying, and had to be touching me....ugh! Then K got back in the water and he was off being a goof! About 4 I headed in to get Sam....she was still sleeping so I hopped in the shower quick...she found me! And then amused herself by trying to turn the tv on. She can do it 9 times out of was the 10th time and she messed up on the tv remote. A for effort tho!

DJ came in asking to go to football practice I made him a quick dinner and he headed off. He got home much earlier than last nite, and was hungry again, so he finished off his green beans from earlier and then had a piece of pizza! Then they both went to bed! Howie and I were watching AGT, the wild card episode....didn't really get my fact, I even commented "I can't believe this show is still's going on FOREVER!!!" which is true!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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  1. It has been going on a LONG time. They still have to do the finals. GEE!!!

    I must admit if I laugh too hard (or cough) I pee a little. Dang the ol' bladder! Should have done my keagels I guess!

    Too funny about the magnets being so entertaining. And DJ clinging, ugh, I hate it when kids do that and pull your suit and then KICK the snot out of ya. Ahhh!! Swim already. LOL.


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