Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What might have been

A really nasty cold is not!!! Yesterday I woke up with a sore throat (I can hear my mother telling me to gargle with warm salt water...and as much as I love salt, I do NOT enjoy this!!) and so I kept on sucking back the Halls candies. Then someone on my facebook suggested those EmergenC things...which I happen to have a couple on hand from samples. Those things are NASTY!!!!!!! But, I will say this, my throat has continually gotten better!! I also had a Halls right before bed, and one before I got out of bed this morning. Now, my throat feels fine! And I haven't sneezed once today!

AND the kids got the memo to sleep til 8!!! DJ slept til just past 8 and Sam slept til 8:30!!! The bonus is that I didn't wake once til 7:51!!!! I needed that solid sleep! Made the day that much more bearable! Here's hoping!

This morning the kids just played and played which was good as it was an Avon order day for me! Not much scrambling going on, as most of it happened yesterday which is good! It wasn't til after noon that DJ realized he wasn't dressed for the day...he was still in his jammies! Good thing they look like shorts and a top! LOL That made me chuckle when he realized that.

As soon as lunch was wolfed down they both went out to play for a bit...the sun was starting to peek thru the clouds...they (whoever THEY are) say we're supposed to get to 90 by Saturday.Which will be quite welcome!!! Got a lot to do this weekend!

After Sam was down for her nap, DJ did the unthinkable (to me anyways) and went swimming!!! The older boys next door were, and he feels like he can't miss an opportunity to go swimming! Just watching him made me shiver! He finally came in when Howie got home and his whole body was SO cold!! Howie taught him a VERY bad thing...put those cold hands on Mummy's back!! BRRRRRRR I retaliated and had him do the same to Daddy! He thought it was fun to make us jump about!!!

I grabbed a shower before dinner as Howie was laying down right after to get some sleep...he's currently at work doing a graveyard shift. BLECH! And as soon as the kids were done eating he kissed them goodnite and hit the bed! Which left me to do the bed time wrangling!! All was going well til it came time to brush teeth and DJ tried to assert himself....which got him sent to his room! And in the end made that task quicker and quieter doing just one at a time. They both were tired and went to sleep quickly!

Since Howie was sleeping, I chose not to watch Wipeout without him...awwww....we get such a kick out of that show...and enjoy it together, so I'll wait. Hopefully he will
I went to wake him at 9:30 and he was already I got his coffee going and sent him on his way. Then sat down to watch tv and knit. Or rather...undo all I did yesterday and change it up to bigger needles! What a difference that made!!!! Much easier.

Now, I'm tuckered out and there's a big huge empty bed with my name on it!!! Every once in a while its nice to have it all to myself!!!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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  1. I came down with a sore throat and now a factory of head goo. DANG! I should have gotten some of that stuff!

    I love Wipeout too. Soooo funny!


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