Tuesday, August 17, 2010

He was in the pool

About 10:30 this morning!!!! I really do think he has gills now!

He came running back in shortly after noon and asked if it was alright to go in the neighbour's house cuz they had a Veggie Tales movie AND it was different than what we have!!! He was so excited!!! So instead of just getting dressed again, he changed swim suits. One wet one, for one dry one! Which means it'll be good for him to have two every year.

While he was out, SamSam and I got the dishes going, gathered up all the laundry, and played. She's such a silly girl!! She saw her balloon from VBS week up on top of the book shelf, so I got it down for her since there'd be no fighting! She ate some of her lunch outside, and then came in with me...she needed help with the rice.

Just about 2 she went down for her nap and went down quickly too! I went to check on her 5 mins later and she was out! So, I laid down on the couch in front of the a/c....today wasn't nearly as hot as yesterday!! We hit 84 which is SOOOOOO much more bearable than 100!! About 5 mins after I laid down my phone rang....Michaela was asking if I wanted to join everyone swimming. So, I got up and changed and headed over. They recently got a solar cover for the pool and I tell ya, it made a HUGE difference in the temp!! Two weeks ago when I took the kids it was FREEZING...today, it only took me 5 mins to warm up to it. DJ thought it was fun to have me in the pool with them...and started showing off his gill talents!! The boy was swimming under water!!!!! Just from him watchin David and other older kids he's picking this up!! He's a natural!!! Its insane really!!

Then he got clingy!! I had arms and legs wrapped around me and he wouldn't let go!! Then he had to pee but refused to do so without my "help" which he didn't need at all! So that ended our time in the pool...which was fine as I could feel the effects of the sun on my arms. I definitely got a good dose of Vitamin D!!!  DJ said he was hungry, so I made him a sandwich and sat outside in the shade of the deck to dry off. Once he polished off his sandwich he wanted to go back in the pool....so he put his first suit back on which was already dry and off he went. Sam got up and I asked her if she wanted to go swimming and got a resounding NO! So back to the balloon we went!

I was doing laundry when Howie came home...and I found him laying in the coolest spot of the house...the couch! lol It was his turn to enjoy the breeze! DJ came running up to us at 4:30 asking if he could join the neighbours to go to the football practice again....he was so excited! He ate dinner first and then left without saying goodbye...again!!! I called him back and he chuckled as soon as he came in the house...he knew!

Dinner was quite mellow without DJ around!! Kind of odd really! Sam didn't mind one bit! She loved all the attention! After dinner I gave that little sweaty girl a bath and she had fun playing in the water! A bath she'll do, but NOT a pool! Crazy kid!

DJ got home just before 9 and went straight to bed...not even one get-up after tucking him in!! I watched Bachelor Pad while Howie facebooked....and then he joined me to watch some of it....man, is there A LOT of drama on this show!! More than in any Bachelor/ette show!!! Dang!!!! And the two Canadians got voted off...bummer!!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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