Friday, August 13, 2010

19 more sleeps!!

This morning was heavenly!!! Even tho I didn't actually sleep til 9:45, just laying there was heavenly!!  Howie had today off from working an extra day last week, so he got up with he kids shortly after 8 and fed them their breakfast. When I got up he was getting ready to head outside to mow the weeds! What we have wouldn't be considered grass...its green, but its not grass!

While he was tending to the outside, I tended to the inside! The kids wandered between both! I got the laundry going and the dishes going...and all before noon too!! Talk about productive!!! I will say tho, I kept thinking it was Saturday because of Howie being home! Threw me off more times today that it should have!

When Sam went down for her nap the boys were outside washing the was SO stinkin cute to watch DJ with this glove that's a million times too big for him, and dunk it in the soapy water, head over to the car and slap it on there, rub it around a bit and repeat! Super cute!!!

While they were engrossed in that, I took off for Fred Meyer as we were in need of chocolate milk and apple juice...the two staples in our children's lives!! Plus, I'd gotten my rebate cheque from therm, and with it got some other coupons...which allowed me to get some more school supply type stuff for the shoe boxes he's doing up. I also scored some birthday tops for SamSam...yes, I realise that its still 6 mos away, but at 2.38 a shirt, how could I possibly pass that up!?!?!! I also finally got Blake Shelton's new cd...All About Tonight! SOOOO good!!!!

I rushed home so I could get ready to head out for dinner. We'd been invited to the home of a friend of Howie's who's a pseudo colleague thru the club....I think....Howie took them out last weekend fishing, so they invited us for dinner and a swim. When I got home DJ was in the pool next door swimming, so we got him out, dried off and into his dry swim suit and off we went! This pool was WAY different than what DJ's used to!!! This had a shallow end (that was taller than DJ) and then deep middle and a shallow end again. DJ thinking he's all that and a bag of chips jumps in the water....and sinks! Howie's right there and grabs him out. At which point we tell him AGAIN that the water's different in this pool! They had a life jacket in his size and so we put that on him and he did great!! Jumping  the water, dunking his head under....just fabulous! Then he'd get tired/cold and come out, take the jacket off and sit in the sun for bit. The next time he wanted to swim he wouldn't say anything and just jump in which point someone would haul him out...AGAIN!! Each time he went under I'd hold my breath for him....and as soon as he's up, I breathe again!

Samantha wanted NOTHING to do with the water even tho she had water wings on, AND a floaty ring....clung to me crying for Daddy the two time she was in the water. She liked sitting there with her feet in the water, but that was it. And it was warm water too!! Silly girl! DJ managed to drag her in....and she screamed bloody murder. I was the one to haul her out....and she went running to daddy! Good thing as I felt something strain/pop in my hernia area...NOT fun!

Before we knew it it was 8:44 and the collecting of children was to be done! We'd had a wonderful dinner, and the kids were in and out of the pool 3 or 4 times! They have a 9 yr old boy and a 16 yr old Sage played with DJ quite well! Showed him how to work an xBox controller too!! That was funny to watch actually...DJ has NO clue about video games thankfully! No rush really!

Once the kids were in bed we sat down to watch the last 45 mins of SYTYCD...I'd totally spaced and didn't dvr it....and I thought We'd be home before that!

So....Lauren won....she totally deserved it!!! Any one of them deserved it!!! and Ellen dancing Alex's number with Twitch was captivating!! Hilarious!!!! Id heard a rumour on twitter about it...but it was still fun to watch! And so the summer seems to be winding down now....tsk!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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