Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Just another manic monday

Altho, we woke up and the sun was shining!! So that was a good thing! Samantha was the first up...just before 8...the child has NO clue how to just lay down and be quiet with me...or to fall back to sleep! She's just like her father, when she's awake...she's AWAKE!!! And ready to go! Sheesh!!

DJ slept til 8:30...in MY bed!! Rascal!! I came out to the living room and Samantha hadn't turned the tv on...she'd tried, but failed...so she opened the window all the way!! Why she did this, I'll never know...but it was COLD!!! I did say the sun was shining, but it was chilly!!! brrrrrr

In fact, it took me all day to warm up!!! Howie said it got to 80 out there, but my feet felt like it was October!!! It wasn't til I took my shower after dinner that I finally felt the blood hit my toes! Now, right this second, I'm too warm! *sigh* I can't win!! Menopause is gonna be fun....NOT!!

DJ spied K outside and took off to play...Sam wasn't too far behind him...I worked on gathering Avon orders for tomorrow. About 12:30 or so the kids wanted lunch, so I made that and we ate...they start off outside, but then come inside for "help" finishing off their green beans...even tho I've seen them eat them without help before. Once we were done we hopped in the truck to go to the shed to see what was brought in yesterday. Since I'd forgotten to put Snickers inside, she came with us...the kids thought that was just awesome!!! And she thoroughly enjoyed the wind in her face from the kids windows being down. At least the truck was warm from the sunshine!

Once back, Sam went down for her nap, DJ went swimming and I did more gathering of orders. About 3:30 I laid down on the couch to wait for Sam to wake up...and to try and warm up my tootsies with a blanket....didn't work! Sam came out just before 4 and played quietly...she didn't know I was watching her and after looking at me, she told BabyBoy to "shhhhh Mummy's sleeping" which was SO cute!!! I giggled and she knew I was watching her. Howie was home just before 5...he'd gotten another flat tire thanks to another nail...grrrrrrr New tires seem to be more imminent in our future than we think! Lovely!

Bed time was a bit of a struggle for Samantha..she's been quite accident prone lately, and therefore quite whiney....wonder if she's going thru a growth spurt and it's affecting her balance? Poor girl! First thing she does after getting the magic kiss from me is ask for vanilla....she knows! Once they both settled, we sat down and watched some of Minute to Win it...interesting show....but once it was over, I switched to Bachelor Pad....and Howie went to bed shortly after that. I missed the first half hour, which was the challenge, but put enough pieces together to figure it out.

Then I got to watch Drop Dead Diva and Army Wives from last nite...both of which had me crying...stupid hormones! They are both such fabulous shows!!! Now, I'm off to bed!!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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  1. Cold in October? Am I gonna freeze to death when I visit your lovely state? It's been over 100 EVERY DAY. Finally, it will be 90's the rest of this week and we are all sighing in RELIEF. Crazy right?!?

    I am with Samsam, once I'm awake. I'M AWAKE! :-D


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