Thursday, August 19, 2010

He almost got me

And couldn't go thru with it...whew!

This morning I woke up FFFFFFRRRREEEEEZZZZZIIIIINNNNNNGGGGGGG!!!!!!! With just a sheet on, it was NOT enough to combat the 50 degree temps outside...the window WILL be shut tonite!!! When I asked Howie (who also confessed he woke up frozen) why he didn't throw the blanket on me, he laughed and said "I did turn the fan off!!" HA! brrrrrrrrr

The kids came bounding in about 8...just about the time I'd finally warmed up from my little wake up at 5:30! Thankfully those little warm bodies snuggled up with me in bed for a bit before heading out to see Mickey and his clubhouse!

About 10, we were ready to roll!!! We had a new Avon delivery to do, and then a play date to have! The new delivery is a previous rep (20 yrs ago) and super close to me!! YAY for locals!! Then we headed to Lake Stevens to meet up with a friend and her two little girls....DJ was super excited to see Emma and it was darling how Sam says cute! We got there shortly after 11:30 and had a great visit, lunch and time outside riding bikes...the kids, not me...altho, Kody was caught on camera riding the tri-cycle!! Oh yeah! I'm good like that!!! 

I think we left there shortly after 3 and headed for home...with a stop off at the bank. Not even 5 minutes into the drive and BOTH kids were asleep!!! So, I cranked up Blake's new album and sang along!!! The peaceful ride came with a price tho....two VERY cranky/whiny/crying kids when we arrived home! DJ because he got a nap and Samantha because hers wasn't long enough!! The tantrums they were throwing were epic!! And totally unnecessary!! Once they calmed down, it was easier...DJ headed next door to play and Samantha delighted herself with her balloon (we're convinced its indestructible!! what balloon lasts 2 weeks!?!?!) while I cleaned the kitchen and got dinner going.

During the height of the crankiness I called Howie to let him know not to check the mail box...and to warn him of the kids....he said he had to work late and wouldn't be home til they were in bed. Which was odd, since I could tell he was in a vehicle....he said he was on a parts run. Here I was ready to be really pissy and he starts laughing!! That'll be the last time I warn him!!!!!!! Joke's on him!!! HA! But seriously, he almost got me!!

Dinner itself went rather smoothly considering...I decided against a bath for them as I was feeling kinda we just puttered outside and around the house til it was time for them to go to bed. Which we let slide a little bit due to the naps...but overall went okay. Howie put a small stool in Sam's room so she can reach the light....she thought that was just the GREATEST thing ever!! Stood there turning it on, get off the stool, get on the stool, turning it off...repeat! SO cute! Her light is a lowered switch, but not enough for a 2 yr old!

Once they were tucked in, we sat down and watched an episode of Wipeout...laughed our butts off too!! Altho, they do need to change things up a bit more...its getting repetitive! Then once Howie went to bed I was on my own to watch Psych...just had to wait a bit. Now that SYTYCD is done, Wednesday nites are kinda slow!!! Gonna have to remember that and pick up a movie next week! Any recommendations!??!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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