Sunday, August 8, 2010

Girl Dates are FUN!!!!!!

Today was wonderful!!! More than wonderful!! Truly AWESOME!!!

It didn't start that way...the kids were up shortly after 7! We have no VBS and they get up early!!!!! Go figure! And they were in each others business from the get go! Didn't help with the headache I had going. Once they ate breakfast they seemed to have calmed down.

About 11 I gave them a bath since I wasn't going to be home at bed time to do it...and didn't want to try and fit it into tomorrow morning's routine. Since giving DJ a pair of goggles yesterday, he's been wearing them non-stop! Even in the bath!!!! Goofy kid! Its fun to watch him tho. I also gave Samantha her first ever french lasted all of a half hour til the sides fell down. Come to find out, she was rubbing her head on the floor and loosening it....just being SamSam!

Howie got home from fishing about 1 and immediately went to sleep! He took a work friend, his wife and their son out fishing today....they did end up catching one fish and only 2 crabs...someone stole our other crab pot! SO annoying!!! And just downright rude if you ask me!

I grabbed a shower after lunch, before I put Sam down for her nap...and once she was settled, I took off to meet my g/f Jackie at her house. Made a couple stops along the way and took care of some business! I think it was close to 4 when I got there...and we took off shortly thereafter for Seattle! I just love being a passenger and checking out the skyline! It was raining and overcast, so I could look up quite easily to see stuff! She took me down to Pier 57 to a restaurant called Crab Pot....I'd never been and only learned of when she ate there a couple months ago before a concert she was going to.

The wait was an hour to an hour and a half! So, we walked across the hall to a shop called Pirate's Plunder which had all kinds of touristy stuff! I laughed the most at the Twilight corner with all kinds of stuff that says "Forks Washington" or some such vampirey stuff. After walking around the whole store we headed to the bar to wait for our name to be called. Conversation was easy and fun! I don't she and I have ever really had much one on one this was extra special! They did finally call our name and seat us....since we were smart enough to have grabbed a menu (Yes, mom, I grabbed you one!) we already knew what we wanted.

The Pacific Clambake was our choice for dinner. It had steamed clams, mussels, dungeness crab, snow crab, oysters, shrimp in the shell (which included their eyes!), halibut and salmon on a skewer, andouille sausage, corn on the cob and red potatoes in their jackets. Whew!! What a feast!! And they serve it all in this bowl and just dump it on the table!! They lay down butchers paper first, but that's how its served!! Still steaming!!! It was a mound of food!! The people next to us asked if they could take a picture of it since they weren't ordering that, and wanted proof that that's how its done! Then Jackie asked them to take our picture!

The eating began!! It was DELISH!!! Jackie doesn't like oyster, clams or mussels, so they were all mine!!! SO good!!! It was almost an hour and a half of eating!! Takes longer when you have to work for it! :)

We left there just before 8 and got back to her place just about I visited for a few minutes and then took off as I wanted to stop by Walmart (where else?!?!) to get some contact solution...its one we both agree on! I got slightly sidetracked by the kids clothes dept...and managed to do some more Christmas shopping!! An hour later I checked out and was on my way home!

Jake and Morgin had decided to come here for dinner, so I missed out on seeing them...but judging from the pizza boxes, they had a good dinner! They were already gone home when I pulled in...and Howie was in bed sleeping! DJ just woke up to pee and drink (isn't that an oxymoron!?!?) and then went back to sleep. Now, its most definitely my turn!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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