Saturday, August 7, 2010

I am so H-A-P-P-Y

And I'll tell you why
I know that my God loves me
'Cause he shows me all the time!!

This is one of the songs the kids learned at VBS this week...and on Sunday they'll be getting up on stage (God willing) and doing it for everyone. I have a hard time seeing DJ actually being willing to go up on stage. Samantha, now that's a different story! She LOVES being up on stage! BUT her class isn't part of the group on stage. Yes, I'll be sure to get pix!

This morning didn't go quite as planned....there was no time for breakfast, so I lost some "mom" points and gave the kids plain donuts for the ride to different than a piece of toast with jam...or a sugar cereal...right!?!?! In any case, we were a couple minutes late...and Samantha took off with a gallop as soon as she got in her room...not even a glance back at me! DJ and I headed in with the rest of the gang for the video and songs.

The day itself flew by!! We kept our kids so busy before we knew it was time to send them home! And for me to pick up  my own kids! From here we went across the highway to the Fairgrounds to drop off a new Avon book to a potential client who was a vendor at some horse show. Then we headed to the shed to learn my new responsibility....taking the cast off books we don't want to the library or Goodwill. Whew, that's a chore! Today we had 18 boxes of books...heavy work too!

From there we went to Freddy's to finish up the grocery shopping...without a list even!!! I hate that!! But I have NO clue where it ended up either! I did okay, only went over by 10.00....coulda been worse!

Then we finally got to come home!! OH its been a long day!! And to top it off, Miss Samantha was napless once she was punchy and quite fragile....makes for a lot of fun! So, while DJ was outside playing with the boys next door, she and I read all 9 books we got from the library...she liked that!!! I also decided since both of them were overtired, we'd skip bath tonite and have one tomorrow morning...I had run out of patience...long ago!

They were both in bed by 7:57 and I" willing to bet they were both sound asleep by 8:00!!! There was not one peep from either one of them! I needed the quiet too! In fact, I sat there and read the local paper front to back (I see ya smiling mom!!!) and just enjoyed the silence! It was during this silence I realized I was missing a I went looking for her, and no sign....then I head outside calling for her and nothing. As I'm out watering the garden Howie came home! So I spent time with him while getting some laundry going and tidying up. We had a good chat! Love those times! Then he ditched me for the bed and sleep!

Which is where I'm headed!! Please Lord, let my children sleep in tomorrow!! Amen! 

Oh, my wonderful husband recorded SYTYCD for me last nite without me even asking!! So, I got to see the end which is most important anyway...and the tri-fecta is as I called it!! Shoulda put money on it! Next week should be interesting!!!

Oh, and I changed the words to the kids' song:

I'm so T-I-R-E-D
And I'll tell you why
Its been two whole days
Without a nap in sight!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!


  1. Yes...sorry Fi! I should have finished that thought! She was in the very first place I looked....the closet in our room! But she must have been snoozing, and since I didn't move the clothes to search her out, she didn't move. Howie found her when he opened the door...silly kitty!


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