Sunday, August 29, 2010

If it looks like a duck...

Chances are it IS a duck!!! We had some carrots tonite at dinner that made me think of this phrase. Have you ever had a yellow carrot?? Neither had we til tonite. They looked like baby carrots...and yet they didn't! Even steamed up, they got a little darker in colour. Yet, when you eat them, your mouth forgets they're yellow and just thinks it's a carrot! Such a weird phenomenon!

This morning came several times for me! DJ woke just about 1 last nite to pee and was extremely clingy...I laid down with him (and probably shouldn't have) for a few minutes and then left him to fall back to sleep. About 3:15 (what is it with my kids and this time of day!??!) he came in trying to lay down beside me and sleep with us...but I got up and marched him back to his own bed. Again, he wasn't happy with me. Then, at 6:30 I felt him again come into our bed, but this time, I threw him in the middle of us and rolled over to sleep...and couldn't as I needed to pee! UGH! Just about 8 he got up for the day...and found Samantha....they each found their sippy cups in the fridge and were content til Howie got up. I tried sleeping some more, but it wasn't enough! Just after 9:30 I got up and showered and dressed for the day.

About 11 we took off for Lynnwood to attend Jake's football team BBQ...they do one every year to welcome the Freshmen and to make any announcements as the majority of parents do come. This is our 3rd year! Jake is officially a Junior this strange to me! He was half his age when I met him and finishing up Grade 2 and now he's going into Grade 11....just insane how fast this time flew! The kids enjoyed seeing him too!

When we got done, we did a couple Avoning things and then headed home. I tried to get Howie to stop at the store on the way home, but he didn't want to deal with "fair traffic" which was ridiculously easy! Plus, if you use the back ways, even easier! We even had sleeping children! Funny thing too...we were driving along Main St (there'd been a parade this morning) and saw a Mater truck (full size!!!!) pulling out of the BBQ joint we like, and Howie said "sometimes you wish he was awake, like now, and others you wish he were sleeping! Can't win" I wasn't quick enough to snap a photo of it...and it didn't follow us...bummer! He would have liked that!

Once home and kids dealt with, I got busy stamping up the latest batch of brochures my upline gave me for my Safeway spot...since I was going to town, I might as well restock my section! Good thing too! There were only 2 books left there. I also bumped into the hairdresser I used to deal with at a salon that shut down...she's hoping to open her own place up in the next month or so! Then I'll get my customers back!!! Whew! 

After dinner I bathed the kids...DJ was filthy from playing outside and Samantha had pig tails in her hair that needed washing out. That and I like my kids to smell good! :) Didn't take much for them to go to bed either...which was nice! Howie went shortly after that, so I took a trip to the shed to see what was new! Took my neighbour with me too...we each got quite a bit! YUM! Then I came back and watched two, yes 2!!!, movies!
Love's Enduring Promise and Love's Unending Legacy....both from Janette Oak. I think I have 2 more left in dvr. Probably shouldn't have watched the second one, but I was knitting up a storm tonite! And on size 4 needles!! I hate going that small, but it sure is looking nice! I'm attempting leg warmers for SamSam...I found some old patterns, and I do mean OLD!, that my Grams gave me a while back....looked easy enough!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!


  1. DJ is much to old for a sippy cup. And try stopping giving them mixed signals, sometimes they are allowed in your bed, and sometimes they aren't. try getting up in the morning, it'll give you a whole year to practice getting to kindergarten on time.

  2. Honestly, its bad enough to criticize someone else's parenting choices when you dont even know the children or the circumstances, but even worse to do it under "anonymous". At least have the decency to reveal yourself. Do as you please, Missy, they are YOUR children & seem to be growing & thriving.

  3. wow! you just got picked on for attempting to sleep in on a weekend!! I love you Missy and think your a wonderful mom. who would read your blog and leave comments judging you! ~wyndi

  4. Thanks Fiona and Wyndi...I appreciate you dearly for coming to my defense!

    As for the anonymous nasty comment've commented before and I chose to ignore it...please, stop reading my blog if it bothers you so much! could come follow my children around with their non-spill-proof cups with a carpet cleaner!!! AND you can sit outside my bedroom door and redirect their attempts to climb into bed with me...I'd sure appreciate that! The rule is: If its still dark out, get back into your own bed. No mixing of the signals there!

    The other rule of thumb: if you have nothing nice to say...don't say anything at all! Surely YOUR mother would have taught you that! oops!!


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