Friday, August 6, 2010

Movie Date with the Girls

This morning I tried to shake up the morning routine..didn't help! Not one bit! In fact, we were actually late this morning by 5 minutes!!! Won't be doing that again! I thought if I got them their breakfast and while they were eating I'd go get ready....might have worked if I'd gotten my breakfast ready at the same time...oh well, live and learn!

Samantha did FANTASTIC this morning when I dropped her off!! Fanfreakintastic!! Not even a whimper or a pout in sight!! One of the helpers asked her if she wanted to colour and she was off! Love it!! Tomorrow I bet I won't even get a kiss goodbye! lol  She really has come a long way in 4 days! I even went to check on her at one point and she saw me thru the glass and just kept on eating her snack! Totally indifferent!!

DJ has learned that when its missions time he's in my class and therefore in my lap! We watched the same video as Tuesday and DJ was excited to bring in our stuff for the Christmas box we're making in our classes. So fun when they learn giving!

After VBS we went to the co-op to get dog food and then to costco to go shopping and of course, eat lunch! Since it was so nice out, we brought our food back outside to the tables they have...SO busy inside!! I also started the Christmas SamSam her pj's and two 2pc outfits!! LOVE that Carter's is in costco and I don't have to go to the store physically and end up spending a fortune!

Sam chose NOT to take her nap on the way home...much to my chagrin! So she was superduper cranky when we finally made it home, such a joy! I couldn't wait for Howie to come home and enjoy it with me!!! He did and I snuck away to have a much needed cold shower!! All that running around had me sweaty!!! blech! Best thing I did all day was that shower!! Worst thing was stepping out...started sweating all over again!!! Man, it was hot today!

After a cheating dinner from costco....I left the crankies in care of Daddy and went to meet up with some girlfriends to watch Eclipse! Oh, I've been looking forward to this for a while now!!! With waiting a while to go see it, the theater was far less crowded! AND we got to sit wherever we wanted instead of the 3rd row like last year when we went to see New Moon. I'd guess there were 30 people in there...not bad for a Thursday nite!

I have to say....they did a FABULOUS job translating this book into a movie!!! Hit all the key points...had a few humourous moments that had me chuckling. And of course the cinematography was stunning!!!! I will say, the only negative thing I'd have to say is...going from an indoor scene to this outdoor snow scene was blinding!!! Glad I had my sunglasses in my hair! Probably the only nerd in there with them on, but it helped!

After yakkin outside after for a half hour, I left the girls and headed home! Now, its time to go to dreamland....

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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  1. Ohhhh! You got to see Eclipse!! I loved it too and the cinematography. It was amazing.

    :-D What a fun girls night! Good for you getting away.


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