Friday, August 20, 2010

Please contribute to the

"Get Missy Up Off Her Knees" fund!!! Any donation will be greatly appreciated!!!!

You think I'm kidding?!?!?

I spent an hour and a half on my knees washing the kitchen/dining room floor. About 3/4's of the way thru, I was ready to start crying!!!! Man, that was brutal!!!

The money would be going towards the purchase of a Shark Steam Mop which is at a low, low price of only 99.59  Act now, and we'll throw in a huge hearty thank you!!

Hey, a girl can dream!!!

That was the one major task I wanted to accomplish today...and I must say, it was quite the journey getting there!!! I think I suffered from some kind of procrastination disease! I got so sidetracked it wasn't funny!! It all started with having to put away the box of Christmas stuff I got the kids, which lead to the hall closet for anything else I stashed, which lead to creating another box of give away/consign stuff, which lead to going thru the box on the top shelf of the linen closet, which lead to creating a pile of stuff I found in said box for the lawyer, which lead to looking thru the 3, yes THREE, boxes of stuff Howie's kept over the years, which lead to going downstairs to get the box I keep for that kind of stuff, which lead to a phone call with a friend talking about my ADD at which point I got off the phone and got started! Sheesh!!! I feel like one of those Family Circle clips that shows P.J. and all his travels with that dotted line...just like that!

BUT, I did get it done, it feels great, looks great and you could eat off it!!! For now anyways...tomorrow might be another story!!

Howie came home as I was resting from said task and reminded me that I needed to wash up  his work pants for tomorrow...this having 3 pr is gonna cramp my style a bit!! Going to HAVE to stay on top of it now!

DJ went with the neighbours to football again...he has SO much fun going...he's been telling me about defense and how David has to hit people, and how he hurt his leg tonite...of course I have no way of knowing if its true, but its sure fun listening to him babble about it. I even got a good snuggle with him before bed.

With DJ gone, Samantha got all the attention and basked in it! When I gave her a bath this morning we were singing the ABC's (or ABIG's in her books) and I was able to send voice notes to my mom, sister and Howie of her doing her rendition...SO cute!!! She'll do it for the phone, but wouldn't do it for Howie live...still cute!

Once they were both in bed we watched last nite's recording of Wipeout....I think its the commentary I get the most enjoyment from...and from them getting knocked into the water. Howie said he'd NEVER go on that show...bummer!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!!

p.s....I take paypal!! Think of it as birthday gift! ;)

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