Saturday, August 21, 2010

The question here is...

Will he survive the whole nite....

This morning the rascals woke up shortly after 8...which was good! I didn't get my regular Friday morning sleep in as Howie had to go in to work way earlier today, but I do recall him getting ready to leave. Plus, the scent of him was still in the bathroom when I got that smell! I can usually pick out which cologne he used for the day.

Once breakfast was consumed we hit the road!! Fridays are book share days, so I had the chore of going thru all the books for donation...that part alone takes me over an hour to go thru them all. Then we hauled them to the library and to Goodwill. Since today was also grocery day, we continued on and got Freddy's done, had lunch at McD's, then hit up Safeway since we were in the very same parking lot, and then last but not least, Albertsons. I was going to go to the Dollar Store too, but the lady at the check out told me the cart I had (one of those with the cars in front of it where the kids sit and "drive" it) was too which I responded "Gee, I've done it before..." and turned around and walked out!

On the way home I stopped by a g/f's house to drop off a new book and to just chat! I got to see her u/s pix of her baby girl...she's 21 weeks along now...and she had some 3D ones...SO love those!! The kids started playing with each other right away...DJ just loves playing with LT...and Sam and Aliya are adorable together! I think Aliya was grateful to have Sam around, she kept hugging her and kissing her...very darling! DJ ended up staying there to play and Sam and I went on our merry way...I think we both thought it quiet! LOL

She fell asleep on the way home, so I let her be while I unloaded the groceries and put them away. As much as I was enjoying the solitude, there was NO way I could let her sleep past 5...she fell asleep shortly after 4...boy, did she wake up C R A N K Y!!!! Sheesh that was unpleasant!! You'd think that because she's got me all to herself she'd be happy with that, but the whining and crying was just awful!! Thankfully Caillou saved the day!

DJ came home about 6:30, minutes before I pulled the pizza out of the oven! He immediately stripped right there on the stairs to put on his swim trunks to go swimming....even tho there was no one else swimming and he KNOWS he can't go by himself. So he asks me to join him...nuh uh! Its way too cold...and I'm hungry! Meanwhile I'm trying to have a conversation with Anneke while he's carrying on...naked!!!! The child has no shame!

Dinner was some affair....DJ gobbled his up so he could go outside...and Samantha refused a bite. Once DJ left, she wanted down, so I let her down but wouldn't let her have a drink. Oh she pitched a fit! To which I put her in her room til she was done. She came out and told me she was done crying...and that she was sorry (horry in her language) She finally sat down and ate dinner knowing I was playing hardball. Whew!

As I was putting Sam to bed DJ came running in asking if he could spend the night next door for a sleepover. Insisting that he was indeed I call to confirm and sure enough! We hugged and kissed Sam good nite and then got DJ ready for his sleepover. He went skipping across the lawn to their back door and disappeared in.

Howie got home some time after 9 and told me DJ had seen him come up the drive, ran out to hug and kiss him and tell him that he was spending the night at the neighvors house....cute kid! Then while Howie was dealing with the boat hook up, I got him something to eat. Samantha heard him come in and was calling out for him, so she at least got a hug and kiss too!

About 11:30 I got a call telling me that DJ was on his way home...I thought for the nite, but it was just for his toothbrush....he got quite upset with me for thinking he was home to sleep...those crocodile tears were ripe and ready!! He was SO overtired at this point!! He ran back, toothbrush in hand, and hopefully is sleeping soundly by now. Which is where I'm headed!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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