Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Dear Somebody

Dear suck! 'nuff said!

Dear Pillows, I'm so sorry I had to leave your comfy goodness so early, but the kids wanted to get to VBS....well DJ did...Sam was enjoying her crib just as much as I was enjoying my bed. I can see many mornings in our future where she'll be the one dragging us down in the race to school!

Dear VBS, why must you start so early!?!? My friend in N.C. says hers doesn't start til 6:30 pm!!! I could live with that, altho to be fair, with it ending at 8:30, not sure I'd let my kids actually join with that time frame...catch 22 really!

Dear DJ, when you think I'm not watching you....I AM!! I'm your mother and I'll always be watching you! Get used to it!! Your behaviour this morning in church was atrocious!! Laying all over the pew, standing on it, unacceptable!! Tomorrow, please do better!! I will say tho, I have thoroughly enjoyed every rendition of the Happy song!! And that you know all the actions too! Sorry you fell down outside and scraped up your knew...but kool green bandage!

Dear Samantha, I promise you that you'll enjoy VBS! But crying for 45 minutes is no way to make friends!! Getting yourself all worked up for nothing is sad! But, on the flip side, after you calmed down, thanks for letting me go to the "bathroom" and settling down enough to enjoy the rest of your day! I saw you playing with your friends! Sorry you fell down walking got your mum's clumsiness!!

Dear Howie...thank you for stopping at Albertsons tonite to get the sauce I ran out of time trying to get...and went to the wrong store for...and for getting YUMMY corn on the cob for dinner! Thanks for bbq'ing perfect pork chops too!!! Always be my number 1 bbq'er!!! I hope you start feeling better soon!! I love you!

Dear Pillows (yes, again) I'm on my way back to you...get ready!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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  1. So funny how yesterday's post was all - Oh fun - vacation bible school. Then today, it's - Grrr! - 8am what!?!

    LOL! Sounds like they are having a great time (the happy song), minus the scrapes. :-)

    Our VBS was at night too, and believe me the kids were wound up til 10pm EVERY NIGHT. It stunk big time! Because they would still get up at 7am and be crabs all day.

    Thank you for all your comments in my absence! I adore them. :-)

    I'm really hungry for pork chops and corn on the cob now! Thanks! That is a super great hubby you got there.



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