Saturday, August 28, 2010

By 5:30 this evening

I was more than ready for the monsters children to be in bed!!! It was just one of those days where DJ was standing, then jumping, then trampling my last nerve!!!

This morning I got a call from the neighbours asking if I could watch the boys as Michaela was not home and they both had Dr appts...absolutely not a problem!!! These kids are well behaved and get along great with my two!!! About 9:30 they came over and somehow my children transformed into monsters.

DJ got very possessive about anything and everything...and felt the need to show off....which I find ODD to say the least as these kids have been in our home before. Maybe not all 3 of them at one time, but they're not new to us! Therefore, Mr DJ got time out a few annoying!!! In the end the sun did come out and the 4 younger ones went outside to bounce around on the trampoline....then downstairs, then back outside, then inside...they were all over the place!

Avon got delivered, so I worked on that and got everything stamped and ready to go! Not to mention, played with the new demos I got! The latest....a heated eyelash curler!!! Its AWESOME!!!! Uses an AAA battery and gets nice and warm! No more metal clamps yanking your eyelashes! I can't wait to use it tomorrow!

The kids went home just after noon, so I got busy making lunch for my two whiny brats. I then decided that Samantha was going to forgo her nap and we'd head over to the shed for my Friday work. Sorting, loading and sharing the books! What a chore today! At least I had help! Two people showed up and gave me quite the hand!! Awesome! Then we headed to Goodwill and then the library. I'd promised the kids we'd return their books and get new ones. Such excitement!! I think DJ's favourite part is checking the books out himself! Sam even got to do one book! I even had an older gent ask me how old Samantha was, she was busy yammering at him, and he commented on how articulate she is...HA! She is no where near articulate! She just happens to say "library" and "Avon" quite well! lol

Once done there, we headed to deliver a couple orders, but no one was home! So we headed home! We were one street away and Samantha was still the time I pulled up to our driveway (literally 2 minutes later) she was sound asleep! 4:30 is NOT a good time to take a nap!! But she took one! I got everything but her unloaded and in the house, and by the time I went out to wake her at 5, she was just waking! Within the next half hour, they drove me crazy enough to want them in bed early!

After dinner DJ headed outside to play with the boys, and Samantha did what she wanted to do...inside, outside, inside, outside....she played with the Canadian flag, twirled it, spread it out, wore it like a skirt, yelled at DJ from inside, yelled at DJ while standing on the front porch...she was content!

Finally, it was just about 8 and that meant pajamas!!! I got SamSam into hers first, and read two books to her, then DJ came in just as we were about to brush her teeth. Once she was in bed, I focused on getting him in bed! I had 'em both down by 8:30! Not too bad for on my own! DJ salvaged the whole day by asking if he could add my feet to his prayers. They're doing okay, but that new skin is SOOO sensitive!!!

I watched Eureka and then a movie I dvr'd last week. Hallmark channel ran the Jeanette Oak   series of movies, so I started at the beginning and watched  Love Comes Softly....even tho I've seen it a couple times! And I still cried at the end!! Such a good series!! I remember reading the books....I may even still have them to pass on to Samantha when she's old enough!

Howie got home just about midnite, as I'd wiped the last tear away from the movie, and pretty much went straight to bed! He'd been invited out to watch women's football...yeah...and, they play in their undies...nice eh?

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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