Monday, August 30, 2010

Never let your praying knees get lazy

And love like crazy!!!

Oh this line just has me wrapped around it!!! It's a great new song from a new artist... Lee Brice called Love Like Crazy talking about a couple who's been married 58 years!!! Such a phenomenon these days!!

In fact, at church this morning we got to congratulate a couple celebrating 50 years of marriage this past weekend! One of their pieces of advice is to always communicate!! That and never go into debt other than your house! It was cute how her husband added that on! 50 years...long time!

After church I kissed my family good bye and headed to Lynnwood for a "Spoil Missy" day!!! I did have 3 stops to make for Avon and then got down to the business of spoiling! First up was a lunch with my g/f Joanne...her birthday treat. She chose a new restaurant to the area...where Hooters used to be....which I'd never been inside of! HA! Anyways, this place is called Celtic Bayou....they mixed and Irish Pub with a Cajun restaurant...such and ODD coupling if you ask me! We split a Reuben sandwich and a plate of fish and chips! Then she twisted my rubber arm into a divine chocolate brownie dessert! Whew!

Then we picked up my other g/f (and newest Avon rep) Shirah at a nearby Starbux and headed to a salon to have our tootsies tended to! Joanne *as I'm typing this out, the Love Like Crazy song just came on the radio!* knew of a place that was beyond anyone's expectations! This nail salon was HUGE!!!!! The biggest one I've been into! It had 17 pedicure stations!!!!! SEVENTEEN of them!!! It looked somewhat Roman in its design, yet had many Oriental touches to the room and walls. Still just gorgeous! The 3 of us got taken right away...and before we knew it we were enjoying the effects of those massive massage chairs while our feet were being snipped, brushed, lotioned and painted! I chose a blue that if you look at it in a different light looks purple! If I can get a car in this colour, I'd be in car heaven!!! Honestly, my two fave colours interchanging like that! Awesome!

Once dried we headed back to Joanne's place hoping to use some wi-fi for Shirah's computer, but it wasn't to we visited for a bit and then took off. I dropped her off at the park n ride nearby and headed home! Just in time to make dinner! Jake was here visiting and stayed for dinner...which was good! I missed out on the last dinner visit last month, so it was nice to catch up with him without the distraction of the entire football team!

He left about 8 and then we put the kids to bed....DJ put his clothes on the couch in hopes of going fishing with Howie tomorrow, he's got the day off, but if its rainy out, he won't be going. Sam was so cute....she didn't want to feel left out, so she went and got herself a pair of pants and a top to put on the couch too!!! SO cute!

Howie went to bed shortly after they did, nothing on tv really....I'm not an Emmy watcher...we did end up watching School of Rock with Jack Black...I'd seen it before, but watched it again due to lack of other choices. I wanted more time on the clock before watching Drop Dead Diva in dvr...had me at the edge of my seat a the end!! Sheesh!! Then I started the movie Love's Unfolding Dream...but stopped it half way in to go to bed! G'nite!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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  1. The nail salon sounds like HEAVEN! What a day.

    I moved some boxes, but before we left I got caught up in watching, "Can't buy me Love". It came on TV. I LOVED that movie back in the day.


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