Monday, August 23, 2010

Company's coming

What a way to get your house in ship shape form!! Whew!

This morning Sam woke me up about 8 when she came in the room...I was so out of it I didn't know what day it was...but then remembered Howie was out in the living room since DJ was laying beside me...they both took off for the living room and I got another hour of sleep.

I got up and the kids were eating, so I made breakfast for Howie and I. Wasn't sure I was going to be able to eat tho as my tummy was giving me troubles or more specifically, my hernia was giving me pain...NOT pleasant! We were out the door in time for church and dropped the kids off at the nursery...this is DJ's second last time in there...then he's with us! Should be interesting. 

We came home and had soup and sandwiches for lunch...YUM!! It was a cool and rainy day and soup was perfect!!! Kids had the last of the pizza, so that cleared that plate from the fridge! After we finished, I got down to business cleaning! Got the dishwasher running as I remember my mom saying "its always better to start a party with an empty dishwasher"...just wish I'd actually emptied it before our friends arrived. D'oh!

Then the dreaded bathrooms got taken care of...oh how I hate, nay, ABHOR doing toilets!! I have the design for a self cleaning one in my head...just need a dream maker to make it all happen!! I also did the sliding glass doors, altho, you can't even tell tonite thanks to my wild children!!! URGH!!  Howie took care of the toy captivation downstairs and did all the vacuuming! I love when he takes care of that!!! One less thing I have to worry about!

I'd just finished folding the kids clothes when Kyle and Lori pulled perfect timing!! Not sure what happened to our kids, but they got even wilder with a new audience! Samantha immediately latched on to Lori and within 5 minutes had Lori spinning her around in the living room. Cracks me up! DJ was disappointed Sage didn't come with them, but he's at his dad's house, so it was just Kyle and Lori tonite!

That fish Howie caught....was INCREDIBLE!!!!!! Turns out it was a white King salmon...SO moist and just perfect!!!!! We only ate half of it and put the other half in the freezer....half was more than enough!! Even Snickers and Jazz got their shares!!! And there's left over for Howie's lunch tomorrow! Truly perfect!!!

After that we settled in the living room to just chill and watch some football while the kids did their rambunctious thing! They left just about 8 and we corralled the kids into their pajama's and put them to bed! What a chore tonite! Then we watched the last half of AFV...such a funny show! Howie picked the winner too! We would have then watched EMHE but it was a repeat of one we'd actually seen, so Howie went to bed. I started watching stuff in dvr and then happened on a movie with Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson... Fool's Gold so I started watching it! It's on pause right now, but I'm liking it! Quite funny!!! And hey, Matt's half naked for the most part, who can say no to that!??!!?!! LOL

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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  1. I love that movie! Saw it in the theater. Too funny and all the yummy Matt - I mean beach shots. :-)

    That King's Salmon sounds delicious! I can't believe he just caught it and brought it home. I wish we had water around here!

    Have a happy day!


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