Thursday, August 12, 2010

The End of Summer....already!?!?!!

I heard on the radio today a promotion for one of the Fall Fairs in the state....say it isn't so!?!?!! Already!?!?!

And yet, at the same time, I just filled out an application for submitting some of my knitting stuff to our local fair too...sad that its all coming to an end...we sure got gypped on the summer front!! This weekend is supposed to be nice, but who knows what's after that!!!

This morning Howie came home shortly after 7 and moved DJ to the middle and crawled into bed. DJ woke up just before 8 and went to watch tv while waiting for Sam to get up. She did just before 8:30! I then spent the next 3 hours trying to keep the kids quiet and the dog from barking...tough task!!!

Howie did finally get a chance to sneak up on me when he got up tho...I was sitting at the computer working away and she startled me from behind! Usually its ME doing the scaring...and he hates when I get him good too!! So he did his little happy "payback is a bitch" dance. Brat!

Just about noon I took off for Lynnwood for my monthly Avon meeting with my district...and today was GOOD! Learned even more about skin care and what's what. Even got a sample I can give out to someone...who will the lucky person be....?!?!? lol  Then I stayed for the 3pm make up clinic and learned a few more tips!!! Samantha will be set make technique wise!!! Plus, I've noticed in the Avon books they give pictorial lessons which is very helpful!

Once set free I zipped across the road to Walmart (where else!?!?) in search of Blake Shelton's newest cd which came out yesterday....I'm itchin to have it!! And wouldn't ya know it...they didn't have ANY!! NONE!!! Not one cd of his...not just the new one!!  YAY for him, but boo for me!!! I'll have to check at Freddy's when I go tomorrow...crossin my fingers!

I finally got home about 6:15 or so and was happily greeted by two barefoot kids!!!! Oh, and Snickers!! Howie was in his chair looking beat up by two kids! Turns out it was 4 kids who beat him up as he had tagalongs!! Poor guy! Just a taste of what my days are like... :D

After dinner the kids got bathed and put to bed! I then went out to water the garden and pick all the peas that were quite a few of them too! Then I got to come in and sit in my chair and watch SYTYCD...I purposely waited a while just so I could skip over the fluff part...and the solos....I wanted the meat of the show! Man, I was NOT disappointed either!! Tonite was stellar!! All 3 of them were fantastic!! And while I've predicted Kent to win...I now change my vote to Lauren!! She pulled the bunny out of the hat tonite!! Just magical!!! Phenomenal!  It'll be a close race to the finish for sure!!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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  1. Registered Sydney for school yesterday. JUNIOR year. Yes, it's that time already. School starts in less than two weeks. The summer flew by!


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