Sunday, August 22, 2010

It couldn't have happened to a nicer person

DJ made it thru the WHOLE nite next door!! His first sleepover was HUGE success!!!! Mind you, I saw lights on when I went to bed, and Howie said he saw lights on when he got up to go who knows really WHEN he went to sleep!

Samantha slept til 9 which was awesome!!!!! I didn't wake once last nite...altho, it took me a bit TO fall asleep as I was waiting for of those mom things. It took her all of seconds to figure out DJ wasn't there and asked me right away. Satisfied with the answer, she then asked where Daddy we called him...and got cut off. But at least she got to hear his voice...she was happy! I on the other hand, wanted to know if dinner had been caught!

About 10:30 he called back...and yes indeed, he'd caught a fish!! A whopper too!! 24 pounds!! Beautiful King salmon...will work just fine for tomorrow's dinner! What? You thought we were eating it tonite...nope! We've got company coming tomorrow, so we'll serve it up then!

Howie went for his nap about 1 while Sam and I had lunch...her memory is getting better and better...she remembered me saying we'd have macaroni tomorrow (mind you this was on Thursday, but she remembered!) so we had macaroni!! YUM! DJ was in and out, put his toothbrush away, had a bath, put his swim trunks on (he's actually sleeping in them too!) and then headed back outside to play!

The sun came out just as we were about to eat, but he chose swimming...and had a hot dog next door. It was like he wasn't my kid for the last 24 hours! Kinda weird! While Sam napped, and Howie napped, and DJ swam, I got to business colouring my hair! Finally!!! That was the other thing I wanted to accomplish on Thursday, but missed the boat time-wise. So, while I was waiting for the elixir to do its job, I made bagel chips....Emeril Lagasse style. I wish I'd read the instructions a bit closer...I kinda messed it up...but not in a bad way...just in an over-flavoured way. They're still good!!! And I cut them different than he did...might try his way next time.

About 4 when everyone was up, I took Sam and we headed to costco to finish up the groceries and to get dinner...roast chicken! YUM!!!! I also got more of the yummy potato salad that my mom got while she was her mouth is watering right about now! As I was checking out some cheese, something liquid hit my foot which was resting on the cart...which is odd as I didn't have anything liquid in the cart at that time. My lovely daughter peed thru her diaper in such a way that it came out the side and and bottom...lovely!! She was freaking out that she was sitting in water...uh, nope! Good thing we were there to buy diapers...bad thing, we had more stops!   Freddy's for one last thing before the specials change, and the shed to see what's new! Scored there too! Beautiful apples, a loaf of cinnamon bread for french toast, and some other goodies. We finally got home about 6:45.

The first words out of Howie's mouth were "I really tried to keep him awake!" NOT what a mom wants to hear at 6:45!!! He'd fallen asleep while Howie was in the shower...and was a bugger to wake up! In hindsight, I should have just put him in bed! He was miserable!!! Refused dinner and sat on the floor in the living room whining. It took Howie taking him to the bathroom to clean his newest wound to really wake him up! At which point he was thirsty...then hungry...then full of 8pm!!! Normal bed time be damned! ugh! It was close to 9 before we heard the last of him. Not bad I guess...and it could have been worse!

Howie wasn't too far behind I picked a movie and watched it! Leap Year...oh it was great!!! I really like Amy Adams...she's also in Julie & Julia (which I just got the book version) This movie didn't disappoint! It was just brilliant! The scenery in Ireland is just beautiful!!! So green! If you haven't watched it, do!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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