Friday, May 1, 2009

'May Day'

Today's' the first day of May....which means that summer is right around the corner!!!! And I can't get there quick enough!!! With summer comes the possibility of going HOME!!!!!!!!!!! Ya, I know, you're tired of hearing me say that...well til it's a reality...bear with me! My mom ordered the map package with CAA sounds soooooo good to be planning the trip home!!! It all comes down to one interview....20 mins (from what I'm told) and then BAM it all comes together! *sigh*

It does feel weird not to be hearing all about Cinco de Mayo...the 5th of May is a HUGE Mexican celebration...altho, I wonder how celebratory they are going to be this year...sad!

Today was like any other day....'cept I washed the floors...amazing how sticky two kids can make it in a matter of days!! I also did two loads of laundry today....quite productive no? Then, the highlight of my day...going out to dinner with a new friend!!! I've known her for about 5 mos now, and we've met in person 3 times, and tonite was just her and I and our kiddos!! We went to East Side Mario's! It dawned on me a couple weeks ago that in my 7 months being back in Ontario, I hadn't been to ESM's in about 8 years!!!! So I mentioned it on facebook and got a taker for a dinner date!!! one word it was YUMMY!!!! DJ shared a pizza meal with my g/f's daughter, and SamSam shared a meal with me! I could not shovel the food into her mouth fast enough!!!! She was LOVING it!!!!! The service was seriously lacking!!!! We arrived there at 5:45pm and it was 7:50 by the time we were out the door! YIKES! So much for going to walmart to buy New Moon...
Almost done with Twilight...we're at the GOOD part now...not that any of it has been bad...but now I'm biting my nails while reading!!! Have to make sure I have New Moon for the trip in 12 sleeps!!!

I did Sam's hair in the 2 pigs a pony and a Cindy-Lou-Who style all the "ooh's" and "awws" she gets!! She, of course, could care less! Doesn't mind them going in, but she doesn't like them coming out...and it looks SO funny to see all her hair standing on end when they do come out...poor girl!

Til next time...ciao! *said with serious garlic breath*

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  1. LOL!!! I too have some serious garlic breath goin' on!! I couldn't agree more with what you said about the service, it was kinda crappy but it was still nice to get together :)
    We will do it again soon!!


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