Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Me vs Mother Nature

And she's winning!!! It's that time of the month...or rather, I'm waiting on it and I'm super extra cranky!!! Just ask my kids!! Thankfully they can't answer you...but mummy's been growly!!! LOL Not to mention that lovely weight gain that isn't really a true weight gain...messin with my scale numbers!!!! I was all depressed about the number til I realized Aunt Flo is due for a visit...now I'm wanting her to get here already so I can see the Maui damage!! I did pretty darn good actually!! Took my breakfast and lunch shakes with me and a bunch of bars....but with getting up at 4:30 am, and staying awake til 10 pm (or later) I was eating more! I can't beat myself up about it tho! I did make really good restaurant choices....but it still could have been better! The one thing I missed...fresh fruit!!! Should have gone to the local grocery store and bought some...but you know what they say about hind sight...

Today was a boring inside day!! It was so chilly (55) that I actually put pants on shortly after waking this morning. It was also quite windy out and rainy off and on. So, yeah, a boring indoor day! Which is part of the reason I was willing to sell my kids on facebook today!! hahaha...NEVER!!! As annoying as they can get...they're MINE!
We did get some good dancing in....DJ absolutely LOVES Boom Boom Pow by the Black Eyed Peas...he thinks the beat in it is great for running around like a mad child! And nap time was even better!!! Today, DJ asked if I'd lay down with him on 'ma'ama's bed' (G'ma's bed) so I willingly obliged!! Put SamSam down for her nap, and then and I took our blankets and pillows and set up camp on G'ma and Poppa's bed. He was out like a light within minutes....and I was shortly after him!! Was kinda nice to wake up to him instead of sweaty Sam!! He REALLY enjoyed waking up and seeing me there too!!!
Come to find out, my mom napped with my sister Tori til she started Grade 1!!! She'd come home from kindergarten and they'd nap together. SWEET!!!!! I've got another 5 years of naps ahead of me!!! I'm kinda likin the sound of that! Don't tell Howie tho K? He'll be jealous!!! LOL

OK...off to bed with my bad self!!! More than half way thru Eclipse!!! Kind of at the boring part my g/f Wanda warned me about...but she did say it picks up!

OH and I finished the slippers for her...just have to "felt" them tomorrow and then I'll post pix of them!! I'm so excited!!

Til next time...ciao!

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  1. Wait till you start Breaking Dawn!! I just finished it last night :(
    It was so good that I couldn't wait to read it all but at the same time I didn't want it to end.

    And YAY for my slippers!! Can't wait to see them! Better yet, can't wait to wear them :)


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