Friday, May 22, 2009

Howie Do It

That or hockey was my choice for viewing tv sux when you only have 6 channels!!!! So I ended up having to watch Howie Do It tonite as I had no control of the remote!!! I did try to snag it at 9 when dad switched it to something else, and when he came back in the room he switched it to hockey....oh what a boring Friday nite!! Gone are the days when I'd work til 10 pm and THEN go out clubbing...sheesh, it's only 10:30 now and my eyes are having a hard time staying open...when did I get this old!?!?! Don't answer that...I might have to hit you! lol

Today was a good day!!! After nap time I took the kids to the water park again...this time I let Sam have a turn...Oh she looked SO cute in her bathing suit...and if I could upload the pix, I'd show you just how cute! But the connection from the docking station to the tower isn't there's no pix. Go figure, the one time I take them on the REAL camera, I can't see them!!! grrrrr Anyways, she was SOOOOO cute...she'd timidly walk out to one of the sprinklers, and gingerly touch the water, and then come running to me for me to wipe her hand off. If she happened to get caught in one of the bigger sprinklers (they are intermittent) she'd book it back to me. DJ on the other hand had a blast with another little boy who wasn't quite as brave as he was about the water. It still baffles me that the child I brought into this world, who HATES water in his face during bath time, can run willy nilly thru these sprinklers with water running down his face and not care one bit! We'll see how he does at the next bath....

The "lady" is doing just fine today....he's been rather diligent about putting it up on the table in its box so SamSam can't get at it. When my dad came home tonite, DJ was on the potty and was all of a sudden concerned that Poppa would sit on his "lady" because he left it on his chair. Super cute! Of course, no harm came to "lady"...have ya figured out what "lady" is?? It's his ukulele...cute eh?

I'm still suffering jet lag....according to my g/f it'll take 4 or 5 days for me to settle back into EST...YUCK!!! The only other time I ever suffered jet lag was about 10 years ago...flew to Newfoundland, and in the space of one day took 3 flights...those 3 ups and 3 downs were the death of me....I slept for 3 days straight practically....HUGE difference this time is that I have two kids who need me....and NO sleeping!!! lol

This weekend is Memorial Day Weekend in the U.S....and I'm not gonna be there to celebrate! They don't go all out like Canada does for their Victoria Day weekend...but still! And really, Howie has to work Monday, and Jake's with his mom for the weekend, so in essence, I'm not really missing much! July, that's a different story! Hope to be home for that one!!!

Ok...I'm hittin the hay as soon as I have my nightly chat with Howie...what is the matter with me?!?! My parents are still up for crying out loud!!!!!! LOL Last nite I had my chat with Howie out on the deck in the lounge chair looking at the stars....what beauty!! Even saw a shooting star!!!

Til next time...ciao!

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