Monday, May 18, 2009

Homeward Bound

Its with a sad heart that we bid Maui aloha!! SO could have done a few more days!!! The beauty is just overwhelming!! The sights AND smells!! Plumeria has quickly become a fave smell!! So while trapped in the big metal bird in the sky, I shall fill you in on what's been happenin!

Sunday we woke up early, yet again!! And this time Howie left me for his planned work meeting. That started at 6:30 (yes, AM) and was scheduled to go til 11. So we (Wyndi and I) took the rental and went SHOPPING!!! Oh the deals we found!! We'd done our homework and had two places mapped out. If the first place in Kihei didn't pan out, the our back-up plan was to go back to Lahaina. As it turns out, we would have only had time for one place...and Kihei was MUCH closer!! We found a hole in the wall cafe called Kihei Caffe that serves a FAB breakfast!!! I had a cheese omelet, with bacon and spinach!! And we split a cinnamon bun! We would have done well to split the omelet too!!! HUGE!! So with our bellies full, we set off for shopping pastures!! The flea market was literally seconds away! And as we started walking thru the shops were just starting to open! So perfect timing! I did have a devil of a time finding a Hawaiian shirt for DJ!! So at the one shop, Serendipity, the sales clerk told us Walmart is our best bet! Well that's just music to my cheap ears!!!!
We finished the flea market and rushed back to the hotel for 11 so we could grab the boys and head up to Kahului where Steve and Wyndi were scheduled to go wind surfing for 1pm. When we discovered that they weren't done, we headed for the pool! We got one round of lazy river in and headed back to the rooms for a drink. It was 12:30 when they got done their meeting!!! So the wind surfing got re scheduled for 2pm just in case...good thinking on our part!! About 1:15 we headed out. Dropped them off and went back into town for Walmart! Not only did I find DJ a shirt, I found CUTE swim trunks for his b-day, a ukelele for his surprise and a t-shirt, and a Lightening McQueen car, as well as a bunch of stuff for us! Then we headed back to the beach to write our names in the sand...and the kids names...and Stellan's name (I follow his mom's blog). Oh, and to document Steve & Wyndi's efforts at wind surfing!!!
Drove back to the hotel to get all gussied up for the company luau! A short and sweet 3 hour fete. The dancing was great, the meal was pig less (and therefore NOT a real luau in my mind) and the weather was perfect!! Since it finished so early...we took one last swim!! This time checking out the adult pool...WOW it was heaven!!! The water was so nice and warm it actually made the air seem cool!! And the hot tub wasn't too burning hot! Quite manageable! It drained the last of my energy and I was more than ready for bed when it closed at 10!!
Of course all the packing seemed rather daunting! so I packed up all the clothes laying around and started tidying up. What was Howie doing while I did this, you ask? Reading!! SO helpful! lol His thinking was that we wake up SO early we'd have no trouble doing it in the morning. So I only did half! Couldn't really pack up the toiletries...and yes, he was right! We were up at 5:30!! Blech! Some vacation when you're up before the sun every day!!

We got all packed and met up with Steve & Wyndi to head out for breakfast...back to the caffe as we knew they'd love it!! I chose the greek omelet this time (YUM!) and Howie has the Loco Moco...a bed of rice, a hamburger patty, fried egg and gravy all over that...a heart attack in the making!!! Didn't appeal to me

Then the last stop was a gas station to fill up, and on to the airport! Check-in was a breeze once we got seated together...they originally had us 3 aisles was a breeze....and then we waited for an hour and a half.

Now, we're on a rather bumpy ride home to Seattle...where the weather's been decent! Let's hope it stays that way tomorrow!!

Til next time...aloha!

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