Saturday, May 23, 2009

Bathing Beauty

That was my little girl today!! Case in point...awwww she's too cute for words!!! She got a wee bit wetter in the water today than yesterday.....but not full on step in the water wet! And again, if she got water on her hand, she'd bring it to me to show me....gotta tell ya...that water is COLD!!!!!!!!! No wonder DJ's lips are blue when we leave!!!

Isn't' she darling!??!!?

And of course, DJ had a blast once again!!!! There was a little boy there from last nite (Owen) who I found out tonite is only 11 days younger than DJ...and they got along famously!!! We kept his shoes on today to save his poor toes!! The concrete pad that is the base of the water park is brutal when he falls! Yesterday he broke open the tops of both his big toes, so today we got smart!!! I think there's a pair of water shoes at home in WA...just gotta remind Daddy to bring them when he comes in two weeks!! Time seems to be just flying by now!! 2 weeks til Howie comes for the birthday visit...which also means 2 weeks til DJ turns 3!!!!! Then the next big thing is THE interview!!! *sigh* lot of mental anguish this is causing!!! The "what ifs" are rampant!!!
The jet lag seems to have left me...that and I got a good 7 hours of sleep last nite! (might have SOMETHING to do with it) and here we are Saturday nite, nothing good on tv....and I'm heading to bed after my Howie chat! Who by the way, finally gave in and joined Facebook!!! Never thought I'd see the day!!!
Oh, and if you ever wonder just how much you DO use a finger...cut it while doing dishes....not so much that you need stitches, just enough to render that finger useless...and you'll know what I'm talking about! Yeah, I did my ring finger on the right hand....OUCHIES!!!! It's about 3/4's of an inch long...but not deep at all! It stopped bleeding after about 5 mins....and then I wrapped that sucker up tight!!! Lasted til bath But the air feels good on it now! Gee, if I was a werewolf, it would have healed within minutes....I'm too stuck in this series!!! lol
Til next time....ciao!

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