Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Just kidding!!

As I type this out...of course I'm not nearly as kool as the astronaut who's tweeting from outer space, and I'm not really actually online as I'm typing either...but hey, its the thought that counts!! Besides, I have a feeling my hubby is going to keep me too busy to let me blog I'm jumping ahead of myself and going back in time...literally plane took off about 15 mins late this morning which in light of everything I tweeted about, was a good thing. Now that I'm safely in the air, I'll freely admit how many butterflies I had just on the way to the airport!!

I didn't get to sleep last nite til almost 2 and I swear it was only 5 mins later my mom was tapping me on the shoulder to wake me up. I bounced off the couch and got myself ready!! My dad on the other hand just plodded along taking his sweet time...making coffee, making himself an egg nonMcMuffin, taking a potty break....I was almost ready to scream!!!! Here it is 5:15 and I'd wanted to be on the road already!!! In the end we did get to the airport at a fairly decent time, with plenty of time for me to check-in and hand over my bags. My one bag was 30lbs of useless crap, and the other was 50 lbs, 2oz....and she seriously wanted me to take 2 oz out of it and put it in the other bag...ya, I didn't!! I'm a rebel....but c' combined total was still 20lbs off the allowable total...the gal who tagged my bags didn't bat an eye I consider that a win!

Once my bags were checked I was in search of a Starbux...not just for a Chai tea latte, but for a "city" mug for my g/f Jackie...and lo and behold, before I could go any further...there it was!! With LOTS of mugs!! So mug in bag and latte in hand, I set off for security....barely 5 sips in and I'm told I can't take it thru security...WHAT!?!?!? I just bought the damn thing 20 ft away and now I can't have it!?!? In my efforts to enjoy my money's worth I tried drinking it quicker...OUCH!!! My poor tongue and roof of my mouth got burned....still smarts too!

I got to swallow half of it (barely tasting it) and then headed thru security...nice and breezy!! Then the long trek to my gate only to sit and wait! The plane was late arriving from where ever it flew from, so there was a bit of a delay...that's fine, sure wish I'd had a latte to drink at that point...they announce boarding for people in rows 25 to 39, so I look at my boarding pass...row 24...again, wish I had something warm to drink...then they start boarding everyone else, so I just sit there waiting still...I mean really, I'm 5 ft from the ticket taker, and I'm gonna walk 15 feet to get to the back of a line that has to end at some point right? And its not like they can give my seat away right? So within a few mins it all dies down and I get up and get scanned in and board. Turns out, the one and only advantage to boarding early would have been getting the emergency door seat, you know, the one with no one in front of you...seems the original occupant of that seat was a non english speaking gentleman...who's now my seat mate...I got the window and for the most part, the mutual arm rest!

I got to watch the first current movie in about 7 mos....Marley & Me...oh what a fantastic movie!!!! I cried and cried!!! Just such a feel good movie!! Trying to decide what to watch next....still have 2 hours before we many choices too!!! But I think this time I'll pick something funny like Yes Man...I'd love Curious Case of Benjamin Button, but its an almost 3 hour movie, and I can't watch only part of it w/o knowing how it ends...and The Reader looks fantastic, but I don't want to cry again!

Part two later...

Part deux...I chose Yes Man as my second movie...and for as much as I cried in the other one...I laughed in this one! Had to watch I didn't start sounding like a lunatic laughing at myself out loud...but it was FUNNY!!!

Got off the plane and got some exercise....I think I walked 500 miles, just to get to yet another security station...before I did that tho I bought a post card, wrote it out, stamped and mailed it for DJ. His first piece of mail! Awwwww
So I fill out the customs form...go thru a check with an officer (who GRILLED me about everything!!!!) Then got my bags, re checked them, and went thru another security check...I tell ya!! I made I thru and got to wander the halls of the terminal for another hour and a half...good thing I had a 3 hour lay over!!

Now, I'm sitting quite comfortably in my leather rocking Howie packs up our suitcase...and waiting for American Idol to come on so I can see the results...and then I'm hitting the hay so I can get up and have a groundhog day tomorrow! We're getting picked up at 5:05 to head to the airport for Maui!!

Til next time...ciao!

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