Saturday, May 2, 2009

Pure joy

That's the only phrase that comes to mind when SamSam gets in a swing!!! Today she had a new "pusher" too!!! DJ was somewhat bored at the park today...not for a lack of kids, that's for darn sure! But he just wasn't as into it as usual! So he helped me with SamSam on the swing...and learned a couple times about how when you push her harder, she hits harder on the return!!! hahaha She didn't knock him down, but a couple times she came close! Of course she has NO idea what she's doing and just giggles the entire time!!! I was just thinking today that she would have really benefited from a jolly jumper!! Too bad this house doesn't have proper door ways for such a thing...but that's another story for another time....
So we did the park, and came home so I could pump as I'd forgotten to do it this'd think after 2 mos of pumping I'd be in somewhat of a routine....OY! So we get home and DJ's not ready to come in, so he stayed out to play. The closest neighbours to us were re-doing their roof and all that hammering was right up DJ's alley!!! In fact, he came in and asked me for a hammer...Umm let me think about that for a sec NO! Lunch and naps were a breeze with all that fresh air pumping thru their veins!!! In fact, I even got a nap!!
Saturday nites around here....are B O R I N G!!! I did get a lot of knitting done and watched a movie I wouldn't have otherwise paid for....the one with Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott...I don't even know the name...guess I should go look it up or it'll bug me...hang on....AHA...Mind Over Murder...that took A LOT more effort than it should have....whew! In any was really rather DUMB!!!!!!!!! but here in the land of no cable/no satellite/no was the best we could do! At least it wasn't the black and white feature of the week they show on another channel. I will admit tho, there have been some good movies on that channel...and they don't do commercials...I digress...
I finished Twilight!!!!!! It totally didn't end the way I thought it would....and I'm quite anxious to read the next one!! Have a lot going on tomorrow, but am hoping a quick trip into Walmart will be in order! Otherwise, it'll have to wait til Monday...GAH! I do have 3 weeks of PEOPLE to read....twitter somehow ruins it for me....I already know the "gossip" stuff from tweets I then it becomes old news to me when I get it in the mail...I still read it tho from cover to worries for PEOPLE on my part! :)
Til next time...ciao!

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