Sunday, May 3, 2009

Loooooong day!!!

Today started off way too early!!! It seems both my kids have decided that 7 am is an acceptable time to get up and get going for the day!!! WRONG!!!!!!!! LOL What it is, is that I need to go to bed earlier to get my beauty sleep....but the owl in me WHO's at nite....we are at an impasse...they'll win of course....why do I even bother fighting!??!! *shakes head*

So today started at a little before 7 thanks in part to my mother's error in judgement in setting something on the stairs that then created a domino effect that resulted in a wine bottle tumbling down the stairs....made quite a racket! Thankfully it didn't wake Sam, that was DJ when he responded to her in my effort to grab a few more minutes of Z's, I tried nursing her, but she was far too curious as to what DJ was doing...and he came in to see if we were over! That and I knew there was a lot to do today!

First things first, after breakfast was a shower for me...and for the first time, while both kids were awake, I got an uninterrupted shower!!! I never lock the door, and most times I have Sam in the bathroom with me....but today, they were both engrossed in the TV and I had 1o minutes of blissfully hot water!!! Certainly perked up my morning!
After that we got dressed and out the door....first order of business was to meet up with my sister at her ex boyfriend's place so he could work on her van while she was with me. Now, I dated the guy before she did (don't ask why!) and I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO incredibly grateful that God didn't choose me to have his kid (that was Tori)....its amazing how downhill one can go as they age .... whattheheckwasIthinkingwaybackthen!?!?! If I could, I'd go back and slap the silly outta me!! lol
So after picking her up, we then headed off to Milton to pick my mom up who was working at a craft show....then we all headed northeast to my Aunt's house for a bridal shower for my cousin's fiance...did ya follow all that?!?!...we ended up being about 45 mins late thanks in part to my sister and father, and then to traffic! We managed to find an alternate route thanks to my mother's amazing knowledge of Toronto, and avoid a possible traffic jam that, in the end, tied up the east bound lanes for over 4 hours!
The shower was quite enjoyable!!! Both kids had free range of the place and tonnes of food to eat! Of my family, one of my other cousin's wife was there, two of another cousin's daughters were there, my two sisters, my two Aunts and my mom....not too shabby a turn out! We were missing 7 other women from my side of the family....but that's okay! we had a good representation there!
The theme of the shower was linen, so I gave an afghan I'd made, and some dish cloths I'd made...pretty painless for me! I still find it odd to be praised for my's a hobby and I enjoy doing it!

Around 4ish we took off for home....that's how we know about the accident still being cleared...they were taking photos of the, no bodies! Thank goodness!!! I can watch it on TV all I want, but nooooo, not in real life!!! Dropped mom off to her car, took my sister back to her van, and then went to walmart to get New Moon!! and then we all met up at the Chinese restaurant across the street! YUM!!!!
It wasn't til 8:15 that we left and I was home with an extremely cranky DJ (who had no nap) and an almost asleep Samantha by 9! Yeah, we flew! In fact, we were home a wee bit before 9 and I was sitting in my chair with DJ in bed by 9!! He fell straight into slumber land...not even one "I pee" murmur from him tonite!!!

OK, I've rambled enough...gotta go read!!!

Til next time...ciao!

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