Thursday, May 28, 2009

Rainy days and Mondays

Always get me, not really!! Seems to be a trend to start things off with a song...and prove just how old I'm getting...I hope the song sticks in your head like it gets stuck in mine! LOL
Today sure was rainy!!! Coming straight down...and HARD!!! Enough that I could hear it on the roof WITHOUT my hearing aids!!! Had thunder a couple times, which DJ loved! And the power went out once for all of 3 seconds...just enough to shut everything down...and man was it pitch BLACK during those 3 seconds!!! Living out in the country sure makes it tough when you lose power!! I couldn't have seen my own hand if I'd tried!

Because of the rain, we had an indoor day! No shopping for us...but a nice shower for me!! Kids got a snack and Wilbur and I quickly got in the shower! They were both sitting nicely AND quietly when I was done! Will wonders never cease!?!?!

So to pass the time, I added pictures to my husbands Facebook account like he requested...I've got all the pix here on this computer...and really, it's much easier for me to do it and caption them than for him to do it...I'm still waiting for my dishwasher to get installed and it's been well over a year now....don't get me started!

While doing my 'puter putz'ing...I put on this CD I got in the mail from Statistics Canada (go figure) that has all kinds of kids songs in both English and's got the Hokey Pokey and Five Spunky Monkeys....DJ loved the monkeys song!! SO much in fact that he asked to hear it again shortly after waking from nap!

Speaking of nap...he asked me about 9:30 this morning if we could go take a nap on G'ma's bed again....awwww How I wish I could have given in to him! Sam woke up at 5:45 this morning, but nursed back to sleep...and then DJ woke us at 6:45 for the day. I refused to get out of bed til 7 tho just for the principle of it all! So we did nap together this afternoon...and upon waking he looks at me with his sleepy eyes and says "I have to tell you something Mummy" and I ask what, and he replies "We're awake!!!" full of energy he didn't have a second ago!!! Amazing!

It also dawned on me that I could share more of my knitted things with my wonderful readers...and you'll just HAVE to look at them!!! Oh darn!'s a couple jackets I've made for the kids....I added zippers rather than do buttons or ties for them. It's just so much more practical! And it lasts longer and looks sharper!

OK, enough of my shameless braggin!!! I'm off to bed! 4 more sleeps til my physical, 9 more sleeps til Howie's here, 10 more sleeps til my baby turns 3, 13 more sleeps til my interview.....OY and probably not a lot of sleep happening....lucky me!

Til next time...ciao!


  1. Those sweaters are SO cute! How much would it be to get one for Camden made? I am thinking August/September when it starts to cool down.

    Let me know if it would be a possibility!! I would love to have something like that handmade for him! If not I totally understand :)

  2. You buy the yarn and I'll make it!!! How's that? Let's hope I'm home in July to start making it...won't take me too long either!


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