Friday, May 29, 2009

"Knock Knock"

Was what DJ said to me today at lunch...while "knocking" on my I responded with the required "who's there" and he says "Daniel John"...I giggle, and say "Daniel John who?" He smiles and says "No mummy, I'M Daniel John!!!" And the laughter was not containable!!! Of course because my reaction was one of pure enjoyment, I got that same knock knock joke about 100 times today!!!! I giggled every time too!!! lol

Took the kiddos to the park this afternoon as the sun graced us all day to dry things it was a good day today!! By bath time, it had gotten really dark out, and by the time I put Samantha to bed it was a mild thunderstorm. Too bad DJ was already in bed...he would have loved it!!! He runs to the window at the first sign of thunder!

Quiet Friday nite knitting...nothing really on TV....and surfing was kinda I'm bloggin early, and hittin the sack! Last nite was miserable for me...not Sam, just me. I went to bed and the ringing in my right ear (I think we're going on 5 days now) is horrendous, coupled with the fact that I had a touch of insomnia...when you have a child who wakes so early, it's a bit of a cruel joke! And early she did wake!!! 5:15 to be exact!!! Nursed til 6 and I had to stop it the pain was unbearable...actually woke me up! So we switched sides and she nursed for a while...and then fell asleep again til 7:40! Even DJ slept in this morning!!! Here's hoping he'll do the same thing tomorrow morning!

Not sure if you noticed or not...but I've added another 'button' to my side bar...tightwadmama and man has she got the inside scoop on things!!!! Not sure if they're just for U.S. moms or Canadian ones too, but its quite the insightful blog!!!

Eclipse is getting to the point where I don't want to put it down....or end for that matter!!! There's only one book left in the series....then what? Back to PEOPLE I go!!! I have been trying to read it during the mornings when the kids are watching 'dartoons'....and I'm trying to stay awake! No, I don't drink coffee...or caffeine of any kind on purpose! We don't mix well!

Til next time...ciao!


  1. Have you tried combo'ing sudafed (the REAL stuff!) and benadryl? You have to do it ar ound the clock, so you may be EXHASTED, but if it helps...Sometimes that helps "unblock" the eustation tubes and let flow go..sometimes the ringing is caused by the pressure of wax/fluid.

    Love the knock knock joke

  2. To be honest....I've never had either one of those meds!!! And would have never thought to use it for tinnitus!!! hmmmm Something to ponder...I am still breastfeeding, so I have to be careful...


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