Thursday, May 21, 2009

The fun is OVER!!!

And it's back to reality now!!! Did the banking today and WOW did we ever do a lot in Maui!!! I don't even want to tally it up and see what the end total was!!! It's just too scary! It was a once in a lifetime vacation....and I did have LOADS of fun....but ya wanna know what REALLY burns fees!!! Instead of being smart (and I did mention it to Howie that I should have done it before we left) and transferring our money from Savings to Chequing...we just did it all by "visa" knowing that it would automatically transfer when needed....well according to the really fine print of our bank (BECU) you're only allowed 6 such transactions in one month! We did 7!! So they dinged us 20.00 for a simple transfer...GRRRRRRR THAT makes me mad!!! Other than that, we've never had one problem or complaint with them!! US Bank...terrible!!!

Today was back to regularly schedule programming...the kids were rambunctious this morning, so by 11 mom was ready to go somewhere and so we packed the kids up and went to a local farm to pick rhubarb! DJ decided to run out of the house without shoes, so he didn't get to come out of the truck and "help" it went quicker!...and Sam decided that it was a perfect opportunity to have a nap!! (I was REALLY looking forward to one this aft!!!) After the farm, we came home and had lunch! And then the fighting began! DJ with not wanting to take a nap...and Sam with wanting to have her nap ON me instead of in her crib. So by 3...I'd all but given up! No nap for the jet lagged mummy!!!

OH...I was the one up with them this morning, so I got to see the delight on DJ's face when he saw the ukulele and that it was for him...priceless!! Absolutely priceless!!! "For ME?? WOW Mum...I love it" Ya, too cute! He hated putting it down at all!! But knows that if you put it back in the box up high on the table SamSam can't get at it!!! It survived day one.....

After the disastrous attempts at napping...I decided to take the kids to the was beautiful here!!! 85 and a nice strong breeze with gorgeous sunshine!! DJ was beyond THRILLED that we were going to the park...and took off running the first chance he got as soon as we got there.

Sam too was quite pleased and walked around in her new sun hat thinking she owned the playground! After playing for a half hour, I'd noticed that some of the kids had their swim suits on...and I knew there was a water park down the we took a walk to see what it was like....yeah.

Have YOU tried to stop an almost 3 year old from going into the water fully clothed!?!?!?!?!! I didn't manage it either!!!! So I stripped him down to his shorts and let him have at it!!! Have you ever tried to get an almost 3 year old to come away from the water park!?!?! While holding a dry 1 year old?!?!!? HA I had a hard time getting that to happen too!!!

All in all tho, they both had a great time!!! And we WILL be going back to the water park!!! Hopefully tomorrow! I hear it's supposed to be nice! And honestly...they sleep SO much better for it!! All that fresh air and vitamin D...not to mention they're too tired to fight me!! SamSam's nursing before nap and bed I'm positively THRILLED that we're back on track with that!! I was quite worried!! I do, however, have 100 oz of breast milk in the freezer....trying to find some place to take it and use it on babies who are abandoned or drug babies....can't just throw it out! That would be a SIN!!! Liquid GOLD I tell ya!!! to never never land I go...well, have to see what Edward and Bella are's another good book!!!!

Til next time...ciao!


  1. I was an OB/Gyne nurse, and I can tell you honestly & with no joke that breast milk makes GREAT fudge!! I know I know, lots of people say "ewwwwww" and I have no idea why. If one doesn't mind drinking milk from a cow, why are they freaked out by human milk? so silly. So if you are so inclined, and can get your family/friends to try it, make some creamy delicious fudge.

  2. That is SO funny!!! my parent's business is making fudge...Oh!Fudge is their business! But I'm thinking they'll pass on making fudge with it!! It's super sweet! I only make good milk! It's my super power!!! lol


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